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  1. Been waiting all day for this. Hoping they do it by tomorrow. Maybe throw Thompson in his place!
  2. Sexual theilen haha i did “ Hyde your Chubb”
  3. Thanks guys..... appreciate the input. Will take the advice. Just gonna be a ride wondering who to start at flex each week haha
  4. My team isn't great.... had a pretty bad draft and could use a decent boost no matter which position it comes from. Just didn't know if other Howard owners were targeting cohen
  5. 10 team Ppr. I have Howard and also have the #1 waiver pick. Would you pick up cohen still or go for buck Allen instead? would be dropping forte. am I just getting jumpy with the number 1 waiver priority? Leave link for" hir"
  6. Man I'm in same boat. Have Howard and #1 waiver. I have to drop forte. But do we want both Howard and cohen??
  7. Yup. I draft him every year and never regret it. As long as targets are there, fitz will deliver
  8. Looking at your roster, why you have 2 defenses?

    1. deflatedeez


      my league starts 2 DEF's unfortunately. Something the commish decided to do this yr. I don't like it

    2. Mikeatris


      Man that is crazy. I never have 2 defenses. Actually I always stream mine. I draft any defense in the last round and change them out weekly according to what teams is sorry that year. This year I look for any team that is playing the Dolphins and Browns each week lol

    3. deflatedeez


      Exactly! I drafted one decent one (seattle) since i knew we were starting 2. But I stream the other. try to do the same as u too! lol

  9. José?

    1. deflatedeez


      Jose? Nope, not my name. sorry

  10. I'll admit, at first I wasn't buying the hype. But I am mostly convinced that this guy could do it now. He passed waivers in my competitive league, which was super surprising to me, as the wire is usually picked to the bones. He's got a real shot this weekend. All aboard the Dwayne Train
  11. Ohhh, wow. I sounded dumb. I didn't know we had solid info on Ameer yet. Thank you for the heads up. @Rainyy Thanks man. Yeah, it really is a tough call.
  12. Is this guy only good until Ameer comes back? I want to drop Duke for him, but not if hes only relevant short term. Wish we knew more about Ameers inury
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