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  1. Bye week problems... .5 ppr Kelley v SEA Drake v OAK Forte v BUF
  2. It’s not unfair if that’s what you’re asking. I think whoever is getting Evans is winning, but that’s in a vacuum without knowing who each team has/needs
  3. I’m the opposite of first responder, Kelvin (too unsure of luck, cam heating up) mccaffrey (especially if ppr, flip a coin in standard. Mixon if you get/have KB) brate (redzone)
  4. .5 ppr, standard categories. who do you like rest of season? Ajayi or mixon? I own Ajayi- like his usage but am worried about his knee holding up without a bye all season. Was offered mixon for him but don’t like how much time he splits compared to Ajayi. Who would you go with?
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