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  1. Preferably 10-12 teams.. buy in.. slow draft... either keeper or redraft (not dynasty) I am very active and involved
  2. Hey, I am in a few dynasty leagues with friends but looking to join a startup this year with competitive peeps im looking for: slow draft, 2 year buy in through leaguesafe, etc. let me know!
  3. Betts Lindor Judge help a homie out
  4. Hey all, i am searching for an active keeper league with a buy in of 20$-50$ & is h2h format. Seanbutlerlaw@gmail.com is my email. thanks
  5. Hey man I’m interested but I’d like to see the teams first. Seanbutlerlaw@gmail.com
  6. Looks well structured but fees are to high for me.. sorry man! bump
  7. I am interested but can’t see the list. Seanbutlerlaw@gmail.com
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