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  1. Well, in my league, he is just outside top 60 and scoring scoring 20% less average fantasy points per game than he did last year and is 51st ranked by total points. to illustrate my point, RJ Barrett is 85th in average fantasy points per game but 50th in total points. So even though Collins has been a lot better than Barrett, Barrett is still ranked higher than Collins bc he has more total points bc he has played more games. in short, total points is a trash metric in my league, only average fantasy points per game matters.
  2. Yeah but if you dropped yesterday to stream Jalen Brunson you’ll (potentially) miss 2 games of FVV. 2 games of FVV >> 3 games anyone you got off the wire. Granted, you could get more points streaming the spot and getting lucky with guys like Dort, but those are technicalities and not what we’re talking about.
  3. Got FVV at 54 in my points league, was around 15th when he got injured. Terry Rozier, Beasley , Nance, Norman Powell, Anthony Edwards, Mike Conley, Jerami Grant al beat their ADPs by a large margin in my league
  4. His average fantasy points per game has been virtually identical to Ayton’s. Both of them are ranked so highly bc so many people have missed games.
  5. That’sa bad strategy. Ok you dropped FVV and eked out a 5 point win, but now you’re gonna lose next week when your opponent picks up FVV and plays him against you.
  6. In what world is FVV a bust??? I got him in the 5th and was around top 15 prior to his injury.
  7. You guys are tripping... SGA did start off the year slow and is now injured, but in between he was living up to his draft status (got him with the last pick in the 2nd). He is not a bust in the same tier as AD, Ja, JJJ, or Nurk. Granted, I did trade him ata high price before his injury so I may be watching through Rose colored glasses. John Collins, Aldridge, Mitchell Robinson, and Whiteside were huge busts. I think that the most infuriating busts have been Ayton and Collins though. These guys got picked at the end of the 2nd/ top of the 3rd and have been pretty trash. They
  8. Damn imagine dropping FVV bc you were gonna have a difficult matchup next week
  9. best game this season, but would like it a lot more if it was 18 points of just 8, specially against a good matchup vs the Celtics. Hope he keeps the assists up.
  10. No. Murray was it the previous 4 games and Morris didn’t do anything either. Run Aaron Gordon at the point you cowards.
  11. He should just sit for the season and come back strong for next year (My opinion As someone that picked up Kevin Love a week ago)
  12. “If there was a pandemic...” that’s where. Where do you suggest I go to look this up? Karen on Facebook? Too late Bill Gates already got me with the 5G.
  13. Did I go back in time? People questioning COVID out it’s impact in 2021 is so unimaginable that accidental time travel seems like a more plausible explanation for this comment.
  14. That’s what I was thinking. Was more than decent on the Magic whenever Vuc sat and the Raptors are not committed to Boucher.
  15. Roto said he looked like his old self. Is that true?
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