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  1. Plus, it takes mental toughness to even be an athlete at an NBA level. Plus, he challenged a dunk that was thrown down hard enough that both guys broke with wrist/ hands. Basically, the answer to “what happens when an unstoppable force meets an unmovable wall?”. That’sa tough SOB.
  2. Well in points leagues, it’s different. Yess, there are guys with better production on the wire but none of them with the green light Bazley has. He’s getting 10+ attempts per game easy, and many times he gets 15-17. The hope is that he will begin to capitalize on those opportunities.
  3. I’m gonna try to trade for Levert once one of my guys come back from injury... maybe if Bazley does well for a few games, I can pull a fast one on that owner
  4. Weigh the risk vs reward. I’m in a comfortable spot for the playoffs so even if I lose, it’s NBD. But if I was battling for a spot then I would cut him if I had to. Realistically, what’s the ideal spot for Boogie and what he gonna do there? All the teams trying to avoid the playoffs (wolves, thunder, pistons, Cavs, magic, Rockets) have good starting centers and/or young guys they want to develop. Then you look up and down the standings looking for any team might actually need him and you see the Nets, hornets, Celtics, Heat, Wizards, Lakers, Warriors, and Mavs. He doesn’t fit the net
  5. Porter Jr. also had been kind of s---y before cratering with a 0 for 8 shooting night and immediately turned it around. Maybe Bazley will do the same... at least that’s what I’ve been telling myself since Wednesday when I lay in bed at night with my finger hovering over the drop button.
  6. Still holding bc I’m playing the last place team this week so it’s an easy win. We will see next week... would like to at least see some rumors from actual insiders. The rumors I’ve seen about Celtics, Raptors, Heat, and Nets have all just been speculation by fans.
  7. You sound just like @PascalSiakam in the KAT thread and look how that turned out for him.
  8. at least you didn’t take AD in the first.
  9. Can’t quit this bum... I traded him after his hot start and the new owner dropped him just before the hot streak, so I can’t cut him bc it was too much fun trolling that guy (who was already hurt about being swindled) but at this point I’m trolling myself.
  10. Agreed. At least MPJ, since he was ahead of Murray but had to run all the way to the corner. Facundo could’ve reacted to Murray picking up the dribble and MPJ going to the corner instead.
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