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  1. 10 teams 0.5 PPR I am currently in 1st place and I’m wondering if I should accept this trade: Give: Zeke Get: Swift + 2021 late 3rd
  2. I don’t think you should. You’re giving up a lot of stocks with Turner and RoCo and we’re not completely sure what Brogdon will look like once Oladipo returns (whenever that is)
  3. Yes for Jrue. I’m trying to gauge Bertans’ real value because I feel like this production could continue with the holes on the Wiz roster, but maybe people think he’s playing over his head. I just don’t want to trade him for high name value when he could be the better fantasy player this season just with lesser name value, you know?
  4. What’s the range of players people are considering trading him for? I have an offer to receive Holiday for him, so I’m trying to gauge his value to others to make a more informed decision. He’s been one of my best players recently, but do you expect a drop off coming?
  5. The Holiday owner actually proposed the trade to me, which is why I’m wondering. Initially I was surprised, but after diving into the stats more I’m a little unsure. Any other thoughts?
  6. I think the FG% and 3s boosts will be good for your team so I like the trade. Just remember that 3s are easy for everyone else to find too, so it won’t put you completely over the top in that category but should at least improve the frequency of you winning it
  7. 9 cat - Bertans has been outperforming Holiday lately, but I’m not sure if this is still a sell high
  8. My full team is: G - Lillard, Irving (IL), Walker, VanVleet, SGA, Conley, Payton F - Collins, Gallinari, Bertans, A Gordon, J Parker C - Jokic, Aldridge, TT, Nurkic (IL)
  9. H2H 9 Cat League (8 teams) I want to make a move for Doncic and am wondering if this is a good offer to send out or if I'm giving up too much/not giving up enough. Any thoughts are much appreciated! Which team wins: Team A Receives: Doncic, Barton Team B Receives: Lillard, SGA, TT
  10. Should I make this trade? My roster is (8 team league): G - Lillard, Irving (IL), Walker, FVV, SGA, Conley F - Gallinari, A Gordon, J Parker, Bertans, D Robinson C - Jokic, Collins, LMA, T Thompson, Nurkic (IL)
  11. Sony Michel @ Texans Tarik Cohen @ Lions Lesean McCoy vs Raiders Darrel Williams vs Raiders Benny Snell Jr. vs Browns
  12. Are we thinking he gets the bulk of the work and is startable if Damien is out? He's out there in my league and debating using my open roster spot on him
  13. In a 9 cat league, what do you project to be the statistical impact of trading Aaron Gordon and FVV for Lowry and then adding Smart to fill the empty roster spot?
  14. My league had our 8 team (trust me, not my choice, but we couldn't find anyone to join last minute) draft and I'm wondering how my team is looking. A couple top players were crazy undervalued and I got them way past their ADP. I'm definitely punting BLKs, but how does my team look otherwise? I immediately regretted drafting Aaron Gordon and I'm wondering if I should try to move him and what types of players I should target? Smart is also available on waivers and I'm wondering if I should drop VanVleet for him? Any opinions are much appreciated! PG: Damian Lillard SG: Kyri
  15. I don’t think he would accept given that none of those options are likely going to be reliable enough/strong enough to make him comfortable that he will walk out of this week with a win.
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