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  1. Who would you include in flex position? Zeke @ Bengals TY Hilton @ raiders THiggins vs Cowboys TBoys vs Cowboys S.Shepard vs Cardinals
  2. Now that Cooks is out go with Coutee@ Bears or TY @ Raiders?? thanks!
  3. Who starts Zeke @ Bengals or Brandin Cooks @Bears?? thanks!
  4. thanks...seen a few rankings and DJ Chark is ahead of TY...any more input?
  5. So which 2 do I start in ppr, leaning towards Thielen and Anderson, Cooks/TY are close....what you guys think? AThielen @ Bucs R Anderson ve Broncos B Cooks @Bears TY @Raiders THigins vs Cowboys TBoyd vs Cowboys
  6. Who has the better matchup?? thanks! Shultz @ Bengals..alot of mouths to feed with a low end qb, but he does get a few catches every game.. Irv Smith @ Bucs..practiced today seems he could play and Rudolph yet to practice yet due to injury. J. Smith @ Jags...practiced again today seems he'll play,last time they played he had 2 tds in week 2, but hasnt done much in past few games. Also been hearing about Cole Kmet bears TE vs Texans
  7. What you guys think in ppr? Hunt vs Ravens..hasnbt done much recently and Chubb is back Gio vs Cowboys ..main rb ,but offense sucks CEdmunds @ Giants.. splits with Drake
  8. My qb is Phillips, who do I go with in ppr league? TY @ Raiders DJ Chark vs Titans CLamb @ Bengals Thanks!
  9. I have Hooper and hes not doing anything , I can pick up Shultz @ Bengals or Jonnu Smith who was limited today/questionable for this week? thanks!
  10. I can also pickup Colts vs raiders or Cowboys @ Bengals...So Panthers, Titans, Colts or Cowboys??
  11. Who to go with this week, standard scoring int's, yards allowed, sacks, def td... Panthers vs Broncos Titans @ Jaguars?? Thanks!
  12. I need to drop 2 of these wr's to free up LJackson and Thielen coming back from IR. My wr's are Robby , Thielen, BCooks. Also my rb's are Eckeler,Montgomery , Zeke and my bench is Gio and Edmunds which I codd drop as well. So from that group who would go? Im thinking one of th bengals wr, Gio ? What you guys think? T Boyd T Higgins M.Pittman S.Shepard Gio Bernard C.Edmonds
  13. Zeke @ ravens D Booker @ Jets Im leaning towards Booker here with the easier matchup. Zeke hasnt done much recently and now goes up against Ravens top defense, what you guys think? thanks!
  14. Which of these do you start in ppr?thanks Zeke @ Ravens MPittman @ Texans Shepard @ Seahawks C Davis vs Browns
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