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  1. Wtf is going on I picked him up and now he’s resting?
  2. So frustrating, every time he gains momentum he’s out the next game..
  3. This ride might be over until his next hot game. if anyone is looking for a good replacement, highly suggest reddish before his ownership shoots way up. He’s been really solid for a while now. Has three pos elig too.
  4. Naz Reid is talented, but I do think this is extra rest.
  5. I have a hard time trusting him. He had a few monster performances recently and went right back to being irrelevant. DeRozan has time to rest during the asb. Pops will pop
  6. One thing I’ve been speculating is that maybe he didn’t actually have a setback, and they simply wanted to give him extra rest with the asb looming to make sure he’s good for a second half run with them being close to 8th seed.
  7. mccollum was hogging it when Trent was on the court. one of the issues wirh Portland is they rank last in assists. They milk their go to guys in different spots. That being said, when he’s on he’s clearly a solid guy, so I think a few games are warranted to see if he can bounce back. His shots were really sporadic this game, I saw stretches where he didn’t touch the ball for 5 min and kept going to the corner when CJ was the lead guard. They run more sets when Lillard is the PG, otherwise McCollum usually calls his own number.
  8. he’s so ******** bad, but Casey always has “his guys”. The veterans club, he has a soft spot for them. Norman powell used to kill it for us way before this season. He had some of the best advanced metrics on our team when Casey was here, what did Casey do? He let demarre carroll chuck up a gazillion shots and brick everything. DeMarre was one of the laziest players we’ve ever had, made so many mental mistakes on both ends, and Casey would predictably hand him 30 plus min a night. He even had iirc two games where he scored 0 points in 30 minutes, I believe he was the only player to ha
  9. Not bad at all: He has a higher ceiling for assists too, I see him make some really sick passes some times. If Draymond gets shut down, maybe they'll run the ball through him more for high post passes. Nice to see him also attempt threes in each of the last 3 games. If he does that regularly he could be a low end 1/1/1 guy with big time blocks and a strong FG% impact since he dunks a lot more on the Warriors rather than take jumpshots.
  10. For the first quote: he really does. I've been watching the games and highlights, his IQ is just so much better than it was a few years ago. Kerr said he's worked really closely with him to make him better, and it shows. He understands his position/screen rolling and the way the Warriors want him to dive on plays to set up lobs. He plays within himself now, very different from the Suns where he would chuck shots and roam around doing nothing. He's a lot more engaged/active in plays. Watching him defensively is also a marvel, he communicates a lot, he's constantly telling Warriors players
  11. Off the bench? Is this a ******** joke? Is Monty trying to tank? They're in the playoff hunt.. ridiculous
  12. You guys are being babies. Raptors ibaka or not Gasol or not are still an insane team and really tough in second halves. He has 23/10/7/1/1 and 3 threes, 87% FT on 10 makes, and this is a bad game.
  13. He had two fouls early from what I can tell and still played 2nd q, this was also a horrifically low scoring game. Still came out with a near double double and a three in just 23 min, and continued to start despite kieff being back.
  14. That's the thing with fliers, you have to ride them out for a bit and see where it goes. People who downplay hot pickups are absolutely ridiculous. There is nothing to lose on a flier pick up as long as the situational outlook is positive. For example, if this was Korkmaz, I would say no for obvious reasons, because he'll go away (and fast). There are times when guys are worth that flier because you know they could hit 30+ min the rest of the year, and they're also peaking at the right time (playoffs are almost here). Just don't drop after one game if he doesn't play great. he had a few 1
  15. It's one thing to **** on Woods or player x when they're not doing great, but writing troll/sh!t posts when a guy is dominating is another level altogether.
  16. Ha, I already thought the same thing in terms of him seemingly only downplaying anyone he doesn't own.
  17. Nonsense. Over the past 7 days he's averaging 40% FT on 3.3 attempts. That isn't "very low volume". Very low volume would be someone like Culver who in the same time span went to the line 1 time per game on 33%. 3.3 over a 4 game week comes out to 13 attempts, that can actually damage you quite a bit, especially since most bigs don't hit FTs well (and many wings as well). With larger minutes/role incoming, those FT attempts will stay higher than they did earlier in the year. In the last 7 days he's a -3.60 on BBM in FT impact, Drummond is a -4.48, he's in some pretty terrible
  18. I wish there was a block option on here. You really make no sense. Over on the Porter thread you hype him up endlessly. Porter is ranked 207 over the last two weeks, 255 over the past 7 days, 225 over the past 30 days. Yet, you somehow find Gary Trent Jr. boring despite being a better version of Porter during that same timespan? "During the past 7 days he's ranked 17th on Yahoo, during the past 14 days he's ranked 39th, and over the last 30 days 83rd". There's some 3 + D SG/SFs available out there, Beasley, Terence Davis, Trent, Hunter, Porter. Beasley is gone in most competitive lea
  19. One thing I stand corrected on, I stated the Blazers like smaller guards - I meant based on their draft record (Bayless, Mills, Lillard, CJ), he's 6'6, but the way he plays on the court he doesn't appear to be a big guard/wing (he plays more of a combo guard style offensively). Say if you compare him and a DeRozan, DeRozan looks a lot more physically imposing on offense and he's only 1 inch bigger. I also question if his height listing is correct, watching the Miami highlight vid he's covering Dragic (listed at 6'3), and he looks almost identical in height.
  20. He's scored in double digits in 9 of his last 11 games. He's hit more than 5 threes in four of those, shot better than 44% in 7 of them. He has 9 steals in his last four games. During the past 7 days he's ranked 17th on Yahoo, during the past 14 days he's ranked 39th, and over the last 30 days 83rd. on BBM he's 12th, 37th, and 74th during that time span. People often get scared off because CJ and Lillard have always been productive, but there's always been room for a third banana 3 + D guy, and he fits that role. Melo has also been slowing down as of late (understandably), which makes Tre
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