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  1. Top 5 next year in 9 cat. Whoops. Thought I was in the Jokic thread
  2. I held him through his mystery injury, but think it might be time to move on.
  3. This guy deserves some love. Has been absolutely killing it recently and currently has 36/13/5 on ridiculous shooting.
  4. This dude was top 50 to start the year, just came back from a long injury, and there is talk of dropping him? What's going on in this thread?
  5. If he can keep shooting >50% from the field sure. But is that really likely?
  6. If you think stashing Harris will hurt too much, yes. But I still like Harris when he gets on the court.
  7. Especially with little offensive production from their bigs.
  8. Leagues that use the veto for trades they don't agree with are the worst. If both owners think its in their best interest that's all that matters.
  9. 6/9 in the first with a steal, block and 3 boards. This dude is on fire.
  10. They just aren't rushing him part because he is such an integral part of the team moving forward. RIGHT GUYS???
  11. This guy's fantasy value might actually get worse with more minutes considering those percentages.
  12. Not sure I agree with this. His per36 numbers are fairly decent, would just need to be in the high 20s minute wise.
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