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  1. I’d drop NO defense. Like the other poster mentioned you might be able to pick them back up.
  2. Mccown vs kc tyrod vs ne thanks.
  3. I like Olsen if he’s not limited on a snap count.
  4. .5ppr, pick 1 rb D Martin @ Atl Woodhead vs Hou Mckissic @ Sf Burkhead vs Mia Leave a link. Thanks.
  5. I’d rather have Anderson than Collins. I don’t think Carr is much of an upgrade over Rivers tho. I like d Lewis. I wanna say stay put.
  6. I’d keep Ben. More consistent. thanks on mine
  7. .5 ppr Doug Martin @ Mia Burkhead vs Oak in Mexico Woodhead @ GB Not sure Woodhead plays and might be limited if he does. Martin hasn’t been good but has a good matchup. Burkhead been getting touches and has a good matchup, but will BB change his game plan?
  8. I’d actually stand pat. The main reason is crowder. I don’t like his production so far. If you feel he has the potential to do better then U should take it. U mentioned the schedule gets better for wash. I imagine crowder will have better games but they might be far and few in between. Thanks on mine.
  9. I like the first trade proposal, 2 for 1, as well. Thanks on mine.
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