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  1. I'd probably take the dart throw on Hockenson. Your WRs look better than TE.
  2. Same here. Got him in the early 3rd in two leagues and I prefer starting OJ Howard & Njoku right now. Ugh. I mean, we're in week 9 now... I'm just holding out hope that he gets "more" healthy and maybe Brady will start targeting him more. You can't really trade him unless someone is really desperate and you probably won't get much.
  3. OMG. I can't believe my holding this bum MAY pay off. Maybe he'll be more than just bench trash! (I doubt it though, but maybe they'll actually throw it to him)
  4. Did it this week. It hurt man. I really hope he turns it around..
  5. Yikes. I'm holding tight on them. I tried to get them in my other league and was denied. Mack is just unreal to watch.
  6. fixed. I kid. I can't cut the dude for some reason (Talent! ..they say). I'm leaving Amari Poopfest on my bench this week. He is my least favorite player, BY FAR.
  7. poofinger, you missed a couple key words there: "If Big Z is back to normal, that is a ridiculous STACK. It's LIKE a +20 point bonus before the games even start." Meaning with both Zuerlein & the Bears Defense, you really have a solid advantage. "LIKE" means "similar to" and is used here to make an slightly exaggerated claim, which is what people do sometimes, especially on the internet. I was simply recalling fond memories of last year, when I had both Z and the Jags defense. It was a lovely time.
  8. If Big Z is back to normal, that is a ridiculous stack. It's like a +20 point bonus before the games even start.
  9. You are my idol. I should've traded him last week. Ugh.
  10. This is so right. He WAS my WR1. Made a trade for a legit WR1 after I realized I was doomed. I thought of having him become my WR2, but his inconsistency is too maddening. He now resides as my Flex and I feel pretty optimistic with his upside and don't really care if he's not great.. I mean, he's just my flex.
  11. Obviously I'm tempted. I'm losing patience with both Corey Davis (more the Titan's QB/offense) and Cooper. I'm trying to at least hold one more week on both as I won't be starting them anyway.
  12. Shouldn't we all just drop him, so others have to deal with the madness? I cannot believe I am holding on him...
  13. Traded Lamar Miller for Keenan Allen. Standard 12 team. Dude was loaded at received with Antonio Brown, Mike Evans, & Fuller. I was loaded at RB so it was a nice swap.
  14. NOPE. Currently trying to move him in package deals. He is dead to me.
  15. Exactly. I'm thinking of grabbing him late second/early third just to spice things up a bit. It's so fun going into a week with a healthy Gronk on your team.
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