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  1. I like the Deejay Dallas play this week. I think Taylor and Dobbins have really tough matchups this week, and I wouldn't consider Pollard or Bell at this point. Help?
  2. It's unfortunate that Dobbins is going against the Colts D, but I'd go Dobbins here. Help?
  3. Although it's not an ideal QB situation I would still go Chark against the Houston secondary. I want no part of the Ravens D in this situation. Help?
  4. Although I like him even more in a PPR format, I still give the edge to Justin Jackson here. Help?
  5. I like Deejay Dallas here. Better defensive matchup and the Seahawks O is on fire. Help?
  6. .5 PPR. I think Mike Williams has greater upside but also think Gordon has the higher floor (although it's against the Atlanta rush D). Melvin Gordon @ Falcons Mike Williams vs Raiders
  7. Parker over all mentioned, even with new QB. Help?
  8. Tough call. Depends on if you need consistency or boom potential. I'd lean Golladay on boom potential, but Gio seems like guaranteed points to me. Help?
  9. Pretty even matchup, but I'd lean Goedert against Dallas. Help?
  10. This feels crazy to say, but I'd play Wentz here. Dallas is just atrocious at this point. Help?
  11. .5 PPR. With Mixon out this week I need someone in my flex spot. Picked up Higgins but considering grabbing Scotty Miller (no Godwin this week) or Justin Jackson (nervous about timeshare with Joshua Kelley and going up against Denver D). Rashard Higgins vs Raiders Scotty Miller @ Giants Justin Jackson @ Broncos
  12. I'm going to deviate from everyone above and go with...just kidding, Evans and Drake.
  13. No. Mixon hasn't impressed me at all this year (I have him in one league). Robinson has been very consistent and I wouldn't give that up. Also, Antonio Brown is a nice wild card to have for the second half of the season/playoffs. If one of Godwin or Evans goes down for an extended period of time (which is not unrealistic with how banged up they've been), Brown could be a nice piece to have.
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