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  1. Beasley is absolutely not a championship piece and was awful his last year in Denver and they matched Grant’s offer. Look for every David Lee or Steve Kerr there’s the other side. Let’s take Denver again...remember when they fired perennial first-round-out coach George Karl for the up and coming coach that every fan across the league wanted in Brian Shaw and he was the worst coach in franchise history and they threw away two years?
  2. The big difference that people forget is Denver is still super young. They made a big play for Jrue (on more than one occasion) but Jokic, Jamal, and MPJ are all under 25 and under contract for multiple years. It’s not like the Clippers who absolutely have to go all-in now and they don’t have the luxury of being in LA or Miami markets. The playoff team before last was the youngest in league history and then they made the conference finals the following season. They’re developing fine. Malone isn’t in the top tier of coaches but he’s good and has improved every single year. Will it be
  3. They. Were. Not. Getting. Destroyed. On. Offense. They were up 75-70 with 3 min left in the 3rd. The starters were great. Jokic picked up his fourth and the Lakers defense was incredible and they went on a 13-0 run with MPJ in the game.
  4. Milsap is pretty washed on D. One of Malones worst mistakes tonight was sticking with Milsap rather than going back to Green during the run. Green has been awesome and is one of their best 3 pt shooters. if you don’t think Jokic doesn’t play any defense then you obviously haven’t watched Denver for like five years (or else are just rolling with old lazy narratives...no serious person still believes that). look I think MPJ should start and play 30+ but he was trash tonight and it’s wild to think someone like Green playing 28 minutes against a huge lakers team is bad lol.
  5. I’m not putting it all on him but he made some awful plays on D and couldn’t make anything while the starters started the game great. I’m just asking how is that possibly a case to play him more or start him?
  6. Are you watching? When he came in in the 3rd the lakers went on a massive run and the game swung 20 points lol. Not a good case for playing him more.
  7. Basically they mostly run a read and react O and aren’t “running plays” for anyone. MPJ is still learning where to be to capitalize on that and the team (especially Jokic and Murray) are still learning to trust him. Notes there have been noticeable improvements in Jok and Murray looking for him recently but MPJ is still learning where he’s needs to be.
  8. I think the MPJ numbers improve over time but seems like there’s a reason Malone has stuck with one of the best offensive lineups in the league which is also significantly better than when you replace Barton with MPJ? Some really good discussion on this here: https://podcasts.google.com/feed/aHR0cDovL2JzbmRlbnZlci5jb20vYXJjaGl2ZXMvcG9kY2FzdHMvZGVudmVyLW51Z2dldHMtcG9kY2FzdHMvZmVlZC8/episode/NWUyZTY3NmEtNjIwNy0xMWViLWE5NzctNDM4ODkyNTQzOTQ3?hl=en&ved=2ahUKEwje_Lert8fuAhWoJjQIHaK_D40QjrkEegQIFBAK&ep=6 its the first thing discussed on the pod. Adam knows the team as well as any
  9. They’ve won 8 of their last 11 and are currently 3.5 games back from first in the west This is one of those rare posts with so many hilariously wrong statements I don’t even know where to start, but “ISO ball from Jokic while rest of the team watches” are words that have never been put together in a sentence by anyone who has ever seen Denver play or know what those words mean lol. The thing with MPJ is he is an elite scorer on his own and is elite at being in the right spot to clean up O rebounds etc, but he’s pretty slow to actually learn how to incorporate himself into an
  10. Sell “high” lol one game removed from his worst game of the season. He’s been one of the most disappointing players of the year...who is going to buy? Selling high is probably getting like a top 80 player.
  11. You’re delusional if you think anyone is giving you Wood for Kyrie right now.
  12. I mean I don’t claim to know every detail of the protocol, just passing on that it was widely reported Zion had an inconclusive test result not long before the game start time. I assume Tobias was deemed to have a higher risk contact than Embiid or Simmons. I agree it would be nice if protocol was clarified.
  13. He was out because he had an inconclusive test. He’s tested negative now so is cleared.
  14. He had it when teams entered the bubble last season. Windhorst confirmed yesterday several players have now had it twice.
  15. His best years were alongside Jokic and Murray. His role hasn’t changed much. He had multiple core injuries and completely lost his shot/confidence. Jokic and Murray have zero to do with him going from a 40% 3pt shooter to under 30%
  16. It doesn’t really matter who they’re playing. Even great defensive teams have been giving him like 12’ to shoot and his shot (and confidence) has been completely gone for three years or whatever.
  17. Expanding rosters just means more g-league games. Seems like tightening up the rule that allows two guests in hotel rooms on the road (untested) should be an easy first place to start. edit: and as I hit send there’s the Woj tweet that this is no longer allowed
  18. They could be but it would have nothing to do with Harden being good with Capela and Wood. Those guys are quick athletic lob threats. Embiid is a post up/face up, slowish hold the ball iso big. Pnr is not his bread and butter. Harden Embiid duo would be more of a take -turns offense with two great offensive players than two perfect pnr puzzle pieces fitting together.
  19. Embiid is a totally different type of big and plays completely different from capela or wood.
  20. Whiteside is not good at basketball. Why would a contender want him? He had to sign with the kings for the minimum. He sucks and is a bad locker room guy.
  21. We don’t know yet if Wall and Boogie are actual redemption stories, most trade packages will likely be mostly young pieces and picks, and the writing is on the wall that Fertitta purchasing the team looks pretty bad for the future.
  22. The guy that “reported” that is a clown and anyone that knows anything about Denver’s FO know that ain’t happening. That dude originally said it Bol (who can’t be traded) instead of MPJ and when everyone called him on his BS he suddenly “corrected” to MPJ lmao.
  23. No way he starts. SG starter will be either Barton or Harris. In the tiny chance another PG pushes Murray to the 2 it would be Morris. Harris' fantasy game and shot has been trash but he's still the best defender on the team and was massively important when he came back in the playoffs. I wouldn't be surprised if at least one of Morris/Harris/Barton gets moved though. All that said, I do think Campazzo gets minutes. Probably not enough to be standard team relevant without a trade, but he wouldn't have come over and picked DEN if he wasn't going to play.
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