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  1. Huge week incoming. Buckle up boys. 20+ points take it to the bank.
  2. Even though they don’t have a great schedule ROS, anyone else have the Colts as a must hold? I hate having 2 defenses when I can hold a valuable cuff with the extra spot, but I have the Giants defense this week and can’t justify dropping the 2nd ranked defense in the league even with a below average ROS.
  3. Anyone else seeing him as a fade this week? Big Ben had only 182 passing yards last game vs Baltimore, and weather not looking good Tuesday night? ...Basically TD or bust game most likely. I have guys like Devante Parker, Brian Hill over him at WR2/flex in one league this week.
  4. No brainer back end RB 2/Flex start this week. Money match up, and I would expect the Falcons to be a lot more competitive this week after getting embarrassed last week.
  5. Underrated ros. Haven’t gotten a chance to see him much lately with the bad weather.
  6. I’m fairly confident in him this week. Should be a blow up spot for Tua, and if he has a bad first half I wouldn’t be shocked if his leash is short and Fitzpatrick gets another shot. Parker has to be considered a decent WR2 this week.
  7. I would do it dude. Metcalf can be a league winner, Godwin is in a crowded situation.
  8. I traded Hill for Chubb. Is this a good trade for my situation? prior to trade... WR- Hopkins, Hill, Claypool RB- Edmonds, Dobbins, Moss, J Williams, Pollard, Akers Every last game is a must win for me, and the fact I have Kyler Murray gives me hope to finish strong with a soft schedule to finish my league. Also figure swapping Chubb for Hill’s bye this week is big for me in a must win game.
  9. I just got Nick Chubb for Hill....win or a loss? If Chubb comes back this week that really helps me this week with Hill on bye. every game from here for me is a must win, so I’m not worried about play off schedules as of now.
  10. How does Hill for Miles and Emanuel Sanders sound? Standard league. my WR’s are Hopkins, Hill, Claypool RB’s are Edmonds, Dobbins, Moss, Bell, Pollard, J Williams Kyler Murray at QB, so hoping I can make some kind of magic trade with Hill to even out my roster down the stretch. Plus, Hill sitting this week is gunna hurt me in a must win game. WHIR!!!
  11. I need a solid rb for down the stretch badly. Does anyone else think Hill is a possible sell high candidate? I was thinking about targeting Miles Sanders or Zeke Elliott. Do these sound worth the gamble? - Hill for Sanders straight up - Hill and Moss(or Dobbins/Edmonds) for Zeke and Allen Robinson.
  12. Go with Beckham for your flex. The kickers options are such crap shoots. I’d go Boswell, and Titans....if Carolina is available I’d consider them possibly. Houston always has potential to get going offensively.
  13. Feels like a toss up, but I have a funny feeling this could be a Dobbins week. Who would you start?...I also have Zack Moss as an option. WHIR
  14. Fuller with some hamstring worries...Cooks about to explode or what?
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