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  1. f--- this s---. Second ever game he gets 3tds is when I ******** play against him
  2. Of course, same. Playing JuJu as well! Wish he'd dropped that ******** pass
  3. Drafted him #1 and have held him thus far. I ain't dropping him even if he doesn't come back #rideordie
  4. With Wentz on a bye I'm throwing him out. I reckon he'll be able to keep a close game with SF and get around 15 or so points in standard.
  5. Man I hope they don't lose the game because of that. It was hilarious but props to Newhouse for trying to get that first down, he actually thought he could make it.
  6. If they use Amari in slants more often he could be so valuable for Oakland.
  7. It's like they actively try not to get the ball to their best receiver...
  8. 31.5pts from Cooper & Raiders D in standard lol
  9. I mean you could look up my posts in this thread where I try to explain how the process goes, but okay.
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