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  1. Chiefs D if available... next 3 weeks: Broncos, Jets, Panthers
  2. maybe if he clears waivers. But no way in hell would I waste a waiver claim on him. He sucked the first game of the year, his team sucks, his owner sucks, the only one not sucking is the guy he'll be competing for touches with, AP.
  3. Dropped him. Bye weeks are making the roster slim and he's done nothing to indicate he has any value
  4. Picked him up off the wire. Figured a #1 option on a team thats always behind is at least promising compared to what else is there. Just hope he strings together a couple solid weeks and then look to package him for an upgrade somewhere else on my roster
  5. Ya that was my thought too. Breida doesnt really do too much. And he has Henry, Gurley and Chubb..
  6. I would try and counter with an RB instead of MVS. Looks like you could use some RB help, but if not I would still accept that trade. You have other flex options if you lose juju, but mahomes is the #1 qb. help with mine?
  7. I get Breida, he gets Andrews. ESPN standard league. I'm about to be 1-3 and could use some RB help. But does Breida really help me that much? Record 1-2 QB: Wilson RB (2): Kamara, Michel, Drake, J Williams WR (2): Evans, Lockett, Woods, Jones JR TE: Engram, Andrews
  8. Its not really accurate to compare cooper to kelce, ertz and hunt. All of those guys were good, if not great, last year. Cooper has not been reliable for over a year now. Unless you're relying on disappointment, in that case Cooper has been very good.
  9. Pro Football Talk just reported Raiders are gonna sign martavis bryant and use him this week vs Denver. This may be unrelated to Cooper, but the raiders are clearly unhappy with their receiving core to re-sign a guy they have already cut once.
  10. He's not done. But, what has he done recently? Nothing. Fantasy is all about value, and he was overvalued all last season. One season is enough evidence for me to stay away unless I can get him for the price of a WR3. I don't own him though so I guess that makes me a different kind of bias.
  11. Cooks is gonna be my top target in waivers since i lost delanie to injury. A lot on here seem to think he will regress to his production last season. I offer this as a counter argument: lets think about everything that has changed in the last year. New HC, new OC, new RBs, new vet WR. Those are a few of the changes that come to mind on offense, but there are probably more. It's very likely the offense schemes have changed for the raiders. So, with all those changes in mind, what about his performance makes you think this is just an outlier?
  12. Were they playing against the Bengals first team defense as well? If not that 68 on 14 could be skewed
  13. I never said anything about his energy or being fresh, thats you putting words in my mouth. All I said is that I think he would be less valuable without ingram, and if you refer to my original post I explained why (essentially his value was so high that it would be very unlikely to perform even better than he had). Jesus christ reading is hard apparently. None of it matters though because Ingram played tonight and Kamara has until next sunday to get healthy (knock on wood)
  14. strongly disagree with those saying Kamara is valued better when Ingram is out. This duo is tried and true causing teams to gameplan for BOTH. Now a team will really only have to game plan for ONE, much easier to do imo. In my 1/2pt ppr league, Kamara has averaged 26.8pts over the last 5 games. If we were to take ingram out for 5 games, do you think he still averages that? For reference, I dont believe any other running back this season has averaged that for 5 consecutive games. According to those facts, expecting Kamara to perform even BETTER without ingram would be lunacy. They fit together perfectly; don't mess with what works if you can avoid it.
  15. Dropping him for TyGod. My only other qb is Carr, and with 9 of 10 teams in my league within 1 game of each other, this week means everything.
  16. and extra room to catch passes out of the backfield.
  17. Assuming your playoff weeks are 14-17, he has a VERY rough playoff schedule. Sea and Hou (weeks 14-15) are both very good run defenses. SF in week 16 is a much better matchup for him, but TEN in week 17 is a slightly above average run defense. The run defense ranks for these teams, according to my league points, are roughly #6, #1, #32, #12 respectively. I wouldn't bank on him getting you through the playoffs.
  18. I think you could get by with those RBs on waivers if you can get one. That with AB, julio, dez should make you dangerous
  19. thanks for the advice! Definitely want to package woody or an RB for a stud WR
  20. thanks for replying to mine. Honestly, this league is much more complex than mine so any advice I give should be taken with a biiiiig grain of salt haha. If you're not in contention this year, its probably better to get draft picks and start building your squad for next year.
  21. You could try hyde for hopkins, better to start high then negotiate down. Hyde for cooks seems like the most fair
  22. Team is first one in my sig. I'm not asking for specifics, just very general advice such as should I be going for handcuffs, studs or just sit still? This team is already pretty loaded, but nothing is guaranteed in fantasy! My team is fairly invested in the panthers and saints, if they were to have a bad week I may be in trouble
  23. CLE actually has a top 10 run defense btw, nothing to snort at
  24. 12man league 0.5ppr, currently 7-3, 2nd place, on 4 game win streak Notable roster changes: Traded away jordy nelson for Fournette during week 2/3 Aaron jones off waivers JuJu off waivers Traded away Hopkins (post watson injury), Aaron jones, and JuJu for Mccaffery and Michael Thomas My philosophy is always try to sell high, which I did with hopkins and juju. Lucked out in the jordy/fournette trade and that my only injuries were woodhead and fournette (only 2 weeks) edit: CSB
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