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  1. He looked good in the last two games I watched.... probably just scheming him into the game plan more now. I still think he's the typical 4 or 5 for 40-50 type of receiver right now, he just happens to be catching the TD with it as well. Colts are a tricky team to rely on. As soon as you think a guy is hot, he'll flop on you. Also had a good a matchup. I'd ride the streak though, he does have some more favorable match ups until he hits Pittsburgh.
  2. Absolute stud if he gets the opportunity. The next Murray/Wilson/Mahomes type superstar. More likely to emerge and develop in 2021 though but keep your radar on.
  3. lol. No David Johnson with a QB that can run. Yeah.... you're smart.
  4. Pope is as close to Ekeler as the real thing. If anything Ballage should just replace Josh Kelly but of course they're going to try to justify that draft pick.
  5. Nall never looks bad whenever he gets the ball but for some reason has always been the backup to Cordarelle in the running game. Cordarelle is still pretty good and shows nice burst in his own right. IMO - Patterson is probably the right pick because he can still get some receiving work.
  6. Yeah I agree. Washington will likely get like 5 carries or so, maybe catch a dump off. But to run away with the job if Breida is playing.... don't see it happening. I think they'd even be desperate to get Jordan Howard some work on 1st and 2nd to spell Breida if he's doing alright. I think this is a whole mess until Gaskin comes back. I feel like if Breida played last week and did well that would have been the only opportunity to put Gaskin on the shelf. Otherwise I see this being a committee unless Breida somehow goes off. The schedule is nice and is the only reason worth dragging this out an
  7. IMO it was probably when they rented Steve Smith. Otherwise the Ravens WR1 has been the biggest boom bust for dare I say the last decade or more.
  8. Name the last fantasy relevant Ravens receiver.... I'll wait.
  9. Actually I only replied to the guy YOU kept quoting.... Ya got the wrong guy brah
  10. The point is... I'd rather take a talented player on a bad team than a back up who might not see the field. With byes, injuries, and deep leagues, he can be a solid addition. I'm not scared by this hammy thing until I hear on Sunday hes officially out. He still has 2 days to rest up.
  11. So we assume Jordan Howard would be relevant if Breida's injury is serious? I'd like to think even a DeAndre Washington with no grasp of a playbook would still be more effective. Malcolm Perry had a carry (-5) and a 10 yard reception.
  12. Watching him play.... hes honestly as good as Kittle. I know that sounds shocking but he makes ridiculous plays and should have gotten more playing time.
  13. This guy could be sneaky flex play gold. He's basically built like Henry, Tennessee is going to be tough to stop in the playoffs with a combo of Thunder and Thunder.
  14. I feel like LaFleur would just run 5 wide and occasionally run their fullbacks and tight ends up the gut. Just because the starters are out doesn't mean we should expect starting RB production. You got Dex who's been sitting on the practice squad and Ervin who's a special teamer taking 1st team reps now. Packers will evolve for a week in a game where they will likely be slinging it anyway.
  15. I don't understand why. Gaskin has produced good value and I'm sure Breida will return the same totals if not more while they try to bring Tua along. Plus he's always been an undervalued PPR back when he played.
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