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  1. You should have YOLO'ed that pick and threw in Garcon over Evans haha.
  2. I have JJ Nelson as my WR3 due to injuries and the Dolphins DST. I don't feel good about either one.
  3. Im going to take the risk and stay put. Diggs is a playmaker so I'm hoping they use him more on some short/intermediate routes to make things easier for Keenum. I'm not feeling great about it though and just keep reminding myself Coleman has a rookie QB with 1 start going against a strong divisional defense.
  4. Im in the same position and I'm rolling with Diggs right now, even if Bradford sits. Not feeling great about it, but a rookie QB against that Baltimore D makes me feel even worse. Make your own post next time buddy. But i'd roll with Hyde and Shepard
  5. I dont have any players going Monday night besides him so I think the right move is to sit him as to not get backed into a corner. Your WR's look strong enough that sitting him shouldnt be too much of a problem.
  6. I would play it safe and go with Hyde and Ingram. Hyde's matchup is rough but he did go for 103yds and 2 TD's last year when he played @ Seattle.
  7. I wouldn't be too worried about Riddick, weakest part of their D is their LB core so I could see Riddick getting a solid amount of touches. For me Buck and Kamara is really close but I like the guaranteed touches Buck will receive. I'd go with Buck and Riddick.
  8. Out of the 3 I like Moncrief's ceiling with Brissett chucking the ball around. But for a floor play id like J. Matt. http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/667905-startsit-help-whir/
  9. .5 PPR Hyde @ Seattle Ingram vs NE Full PPR Pick 2 to fill out WR/Flex OBJ vs Det Diggs @ Pit Ingram vs NE T. Coleman vs GB C. Coleman @ Bal C. Davis @ Jax Appreciate the help. Leave your link and Ill do my best to help out in return. Thanks.
  10. The Bengals offensive play calling and line were beyond suspect. I don't think Green was even targeted in the 2nd half of the game.
  11. “On this date, the Court considered Respondents’ Emergency Motion to stay injunction pending appeal. After considering the arguments, the Court finds the Motion should be GRANTED. The Preliminary Injunction entered on Sept. 8, 2017 is hereby STAYED, pending Respondents’ appeal.”
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