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  1. His trade value is near zero. Another 20-20 game won't change that.
  2. TIL that Moses died within sight of the promised land.
  3. Top 25 over the last two weeks. 4.5 assists per-36 over his last fifteen games. Career high 32+ minutes on Sunday night. Boogie lookin like he's headed to LA. RW talking today about how he anticipates another "big jump". Dallas at Boston on ESPN tonight. Me in my dynasty league.
  4. Got into early foul trouble. Don't read too much into the minutes.
  5. Can we be excited about both Moses and Tony Bradley? Just waiting for that Horford shutdown. 48 minutes split among two roster spots ain't so bad. For now, Moses ain't goin nowhere and I'm leaving Tony on the wire.
  6. Good list, IDatDude. Keep an eye on G League MVP and ROY Paul Reed. I would not be surprised to see him included in a deal for Kyle Lowry. Reminds me a lot of Christian Wood. Big stock potential.
  7. There's almost no common denominator among these players other than the fact that they won't be playing the next few days. Discussion about their returns would be more useful if posted in their individual threads.
  8. What's this about people thinking Thibs is a genius only because he beat the Kings? Sounds made up.
  9. Hmm. This seems awfully vague. I see nothing of the sort mentioned on Hoops Hype or the Celtic's Reddit page. A quick Google search did show me a prediction from a random NBA agent, but that can't possibly be what you're referring to... is it?
  10. What's this about an injury from 3 summers ago?
  11. Top 100 on the year with monster upside if given 20+ minutes. Streaming seems risky. I think he's gotta be owned and held. Brad Stevens said today, they "need him to be able to play higher minutes as the season gets later."
  12. What's this about trying to make less money? The Timberwolves aren't allowing fans. OP said selling tickets shouldn't be a worry due to COVID. Makes sense to me.
  13. My symmetrical OCD is on board with this👍
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