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  1. Mr. Allen plays the Broncos next. The Broncos have lost 3 cornerbacks to ACL injuries in a week. That makes things very interesting in my opinion.
  2. I'm sure things exactly like this were said about Dalvin Cook. Fantasy football is just like a lot of life there are no absolutes. There are chances you have to take. I won my biggest league last year because of Christian drafting fourth and would have taken Barkley and Elliott over him but didn't have the chance so there is that thing luck too haha
  3. Uhhh what??? In a 12 team league that is a utterly dominating team.
  4. I may be ignorant but I'm going to have a difficult time deciding on Allen or Goff week 16. Perhaps Allen finally truly ascends and proceeds to blow up and knock the Patriots out of the playoffs.
  5. The only people with more all-time yards than him are Emmitt Smith, Walter Payton, and Jerry Rice. I understand to an extent what others are saying here but his overall stats simply supersede that quite easily in my opinion. In saying all that he will in someones fantasy championship lineup this year wether you like or not lol
  6. And always ranked around 15-18 in rest of season rankings. I am just fine having him on my team.
  7. 3 linebackers out for the Texans due to covid. Anyone else out?
  8. If he is able to win a Super Bowl and be in the playoffs a lot the next several seasons that is important also regarding the HOF.
  9. Though the offense is still amazing and he will get a good amount of touches regardless. But with a somewhat decreased workload will decrease the chances of a injury. I have been extremely lucky in that regard so far this season besides AJ Brown. But it is always around the corner.
  10. That is not the way I look at it. It is taking that information and saying that he has a decent chance of being a top 15-20 WR still. Most people could use that in one way or another on their team. Another thing worth considering and has been stated enough already in this thread is Evans and Godwin's injury potential. Throughout the rest of the season there is probably about a 20-30% chance any given week at least one of them will not be playing. Which then changes outcomes also.
  11. He seemed to bypass a lot of that with the Patriots. It will be interesting to watch for sure.
  12. In the league I have him in he is number one by 1.5 points over Ridley in 1/2 ppr. Maybe because of the settings with his 2 point conversion. Regardless I hope he stays healthy. I do know he is playing for the last year remaining on his contract. I know he very badly wants that contract to go it's full length.
  13. Week 7 check in here. AJ Brown 8 targets a game on average, and Kupp 7.5 Kupp 10.9 points per game 1/2 ppr, AJ Brown with 14.7 points per game. I would assume Brown will up his targets to about 9 per game on average by the end of the year if healthy.
  14. To what extent has underwhelmed? He is around 6-7 for total yards at running back. He has overall played against above average rush defenses. All of this without a preseason. If had 2 more TD's he would be exactly around 6-7 running back just like his yardage ranking. For a rookie I think he is doing just fine without a preseason.
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