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  1. I'm honestly not a huge fan of Wiseman. I will readily admit that I could be wrong. He's a phenomenal athlete but he seems kind of all over the place as a prospect to me. He wants to play like a primary ball handler but can't pass to save his life. The scouts were on him as a defensive anchor type and a guy that's in the dunker spot on offense. I think he can probably do that effectively but I don't think that's worth the #2 pick anymore. He went to the Warriors though so who knows what they can make of him I guess. I prefer Okongwu's NBA fit.
  2. He takes too many shots around the paint for his FG% to drop to 42% in my opinion. I could be wrong on that but as an OKC fan who watched every last second of him last season that's my thought. One thing that jumps out to you about him is that he's a player who is very aware of his strengths and weaknesses. He is a very patient and almost cautious player as well so i'm not sure about the turnovers either. The way he plays will eventually cap his upside until he opens his game up a little more. He's an average to maybe slightly below average outside shooter as of now but again, he rarely
  3. My wife just said this...you mean from ER? Lol
  4. Yeah wherever anyone wants to take him in the 1st round is fine by me. Mostly still as durable as it gets as well. If someone told me they were taking him 1st overall I don't think I would bat an eyelash at this point. He's that good.
  5. If Giannis stays It's more then worth it, if he doesn't then it's gonna be rough. Pretty simple. I'm fine with it. They get off a rapidly declining Bledsoe who has 3 years and around 50ish million left on his deal. Milwaukee has no chance to ever get another Giannis level player unless they strike gold in the draft. They might as well do whatever they can to keep him.
  6. Lots of huge moves today. Many more to come. What are we thinking about Jrue in Milwaukee?
  7. I loved having him on the Thunder and I hope he plays well and enjoys LA. He was awesome last year. He still only finished 115th in 9 cat. He did push to 86 in 8 cat. It was probably a near best case scenario for him for his stat set. He's the kind of guy that if you take his percentages down to his norms he takes a massive blow in value. He's going to have to maintain his percentages from last season to be top 100 and even then he's only a fringe top 100 type. He's fine as a lower end guard to round out the roster. His game has never translated all that well to fantasy.
  8. He's looked great in the videos I've seen of him working out and hooping. Time will tell on that. His draft position has been all over the map in the early mocks and regular drafts I have done. I'm on him if he gets past 60-65 or so. Whether he will or not will depend entirely on the draft you are in. If he catches a little hype for his return in the coming weeks that might push him up. He's going too high or sliding hard from what i've seen.
  9. Yeah everything you said here sounds about like what I am thinking. Even if it somehow isn't Brooklyn (you have to assume they are going to get this done as of now) it's going to be very different if he's moving to a contending team. It'll be interesting to see how he adapts.
  10. It's extremely unlikely Chris Paul will be available in the 4th and 5th rounds. He was going in the 3rd-4th last year and that was after the value and perception of him had almost completely bottomed out. He changed a lot of narratives last season. He'll be more expensive and has been in early drafts. Situation was rock solid in fantasy for him in OKC and I think it stays about the same. I would think so anyway.
  11. They were too close in finish for me to personally take much from the final rank. I'd value them roughly the same. The bigger thing for me is that I think in most drafts these guys are probably going to go higher then they should. Probably in just about every draft. I'm taking these guys all day near the top of dynasty/keeper leagues and fading in redraft in all likelihood. Trae might slide to where he should go in some leagues but there is no chance Luka ever will.
  12. Gasol was finalizing a deal with Barcelona last I saw. Pretty sure it's good as done there. KD is currently recruiting Ibaka according to reports. Could be a chance for Boucher to make some noise but we have to see what they do in FA.
  13. Speaking of John Wall...if he comes in around the 75-80 range where it looks he might go i'm very much in. More then worth the gamble at that stage of drafts.
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