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  1. In Baltimore it's going to be RUN, when it's not RUN we'll see primary read>check down>scramble/broken play. Harbaugh is looking for playmakers. Hill is a playmaker.
  2. Looks like Cain is healing up fast. Was originally reported he would be out the first part of the season, but he had 7 rec for 80 yards the other night.
  3. Nothing too fresh to offer, but I'll chime in. Mostly I like the receivers in this area: Anthony Miller / Trey Quinn / Keke Coutee / Deebo Samuel / Daesean Hamilton / Phillip Dorsett / Robert Foster Couple RB's too: Matt Breida / Jaylen Samuels I also want to see if one of these guys can make a leap: Mitch Trubisky / Josh Allen TE... Not really feeling it yet.
  4. Probably too much, but I think it could happen if Keenum starts. He probably handles some returns every week, but he's not real dynamic back there obviously.
  5. Crowder did 66/789/3 in 2017. QB situation is nonsense here, but the other receivers are somehow less inspiring than this former Mr. Irrelevant. Wouldn't shock me if he managed to meet that reception total or even beat it.
  6. Every team spreads the ball around until someone transcends the system. Miller has a shot.
  7. Well there's no way he's reached his ceiling, so I think we see some more consistency this year. However, the defense is a limiting factor and they may try to run more with the new backs. Kind of intruiging though if he can get everything coordinated.
  8. Actually I like Rashaad Penny and Jaylen Samuels. I think Penny shows he's the best back in Seattle this year and I'm just too curious about Samuel's role not too take him (ppr). To a lesser extent, maybe Justice Hill.
  9. Maybe I'm crazy but I think Mack is a stud. As a rookie he had zero patience, didn't grasp the blocking scheme. Last year he made huge strides in those areas. Would it shock anyone if he made improvements in the receiving game next?
  10. MVS definitely looked more athlete than football player to me. I don't know if that changes in one off-season.
  11. Did Kelly really look that bad? I liked him coming out and I know his preseason performance was promising, but I didn't realize he got any meanful regular season work. I'm kinda hoping he gets cut or traded just to get into a more open situation (KC!), but it's probably not likely.
  12. Ok it's a new site to me, I wasn't aware that they were drawing from a sample rather than the whole season. It says a lot that they chose to focus on shutting down Sutton. I wonder if the approach was similar in '16? It would seem like a an even better strategy given the lack of a strong secondary option. Regardless, my original point in bringing up his college career was to illustrate that I see Sutton as a good, but not great nfl receiver. You can't necessarily disregard the fact that Sutton can be shutdown. He was in fact shutdown basically his whole rookie season
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