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  1. received an offer for my DJ Chark for 2 1st round picks in next year's rookie draft. Contract league with Chark's contract up after 2021 and can extend him for up to 4 additional seasons. League is extremely deep with 24 teams. I'm in rebuilding mode but team might be able to compete next season if things go well. Other receivers include Golden Tate, Deebo, and Renfrow Start 2 receivers and can sign some others in our free agency period. Thoughts?
  2. thanks for mine. I'm just not sure about Severino, if he was healthy I'd say you can afford to move Ohtani, just really uncertain about his injuries.
  3. Thanks for mine, take freeman and albies
  4. Coming off a dynasty championship last season. Fearing a good amount of regression especially from Bell. Would you trade either in a dynasty contract league? Have Bell for 2 more years and Moncada for 3. Team is relatively solid with a position or two that could use an upgrade. Thoughts?
  5. Thanks for mine. I'd say take Biggio. Get the youth, use the cap to fill holes.
  6. Thanks for mine. I'd say dump Kopech, Rosario, Seager, garber and may
  7. Coming off a championship season, my team might not be up to par for a run this year. Just got offered a deal for my Walker Buehler. This is a contract league which he is entering year 3 of a 5 year deal. I would get Wander Franco and Nate Pearson. Both their contracts haven't kicked in yet since they are both minor leaguers still. My other pitchers are quality enough to get me through the year if I were to make the move. Thoughts?
  8. Dynasty PPR league. Have an offer to send Chark away and get a mid 1st rounder in our rookie draft. Thoughts?
  9. Looking to join a dynasty hockey league, preferably on Fantrax as most of my other leagues are on there. Very active with 4 other dynasty style leagues on that site. Other leagues I am in mimic their real life counterpart leagues, would like to join something along those lines. Let me know.
  10. Potentially starting up a dynasty NHL league. Trying to make it mirror real life NHL with a contract/salary structure and AHL players in a minor league system. Teams are the names of the real NHL teams with exact divisions. Lineups would be 4 LW, 4 RW, 4 C, 6 D, 2 G starters each week with 3 bench players (just like the league's active list). League through Fantrax, with ~$50 buy in with prizes for team of the week, highest scorer for the season, division winners, and championship payouts. Structure is based on the real NHL and other realistic dynasty leagues I am in to use as a template.
  11. PPR dynasty league. Getting offers of a 1st round pick plus later round picks for Chark. Have Minshew and Foles so that connection could keep up for a few years. Should I keep or move Chark?
  12. 2 QB, PPR, 10 team league Got my draft in a few days. Picking 8th... considering taking both QBs within my first 4 picks - ideally 1 with one of the first 2 picks (8 and 13)... smart idea or wait to look at them in the 3rd/4th round for the first one?
  13. Thanks for mine. I'd take Verlander and Altuve, but if you want the conservative/less injury risk option then take Moose.
  14. Trade for Brandon Nimmo? Could use a good outfielder to round out the team for a good playoff run. Guy the has Nimmo isnt looking for much and is building for the future. Considering sending Zunino and Felix Hernandez (both ride the bench even when healthy) and a prospect or 2. Is that too much for Nimmo?
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