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  1. I’m in the league, have not received the league safe, yet. Bryant2629@yahoo.com
  2. Hey commish I got the invite but it says spots are reserved
  3. I have not received an invite yet: is this still happening? Bryant2629@yahoo.com
  4. I can actually make it on time so send me the invite when you can
  5. Id be down but it depends what time it starts. Any time after 9pm central is good with me
  6. I’m interested. Send me an invite. Bryant2629@yahoo.com
  7. I’m in bryant2629@yahoo.com how is draft order being determined? It says manually set by commish.
  8. This is a straight 1 for 1 trade. Who is the better long term prospect? Who would you rather have on your team long term. Who is in a better position. Thanks WHIR
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