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  1. Big ben always seems to be scolding dudes out there haha...
  2. Antonio Brown proves that as long as you don't fail a drug test or get convicted of killing a guy, if you got the skills someone will pay you to play ball in the NFL. People were leaving him for dead after last year. But here he is.. really getting back into the groove again.
  3. Yeah I understand you feel that way. I've been reading all of your comments today about him. And I'm not trying to change your mind. Just watching the game, looked up some stats, and am giving a bit of an opinion. Doesnt seem like there are gonna be a lot of great receiving stats when the qb is not pusing the ball up the field for whatever reason.. Just agreeing with some other peoples views on the player, but not entirely with your view. Respectfully.
  4. Just doesn't seem to have a ton of juice on his throws, and isn't pushing it downfield. PFF has him ranked near the middle of the league in relevant stats, so not the worst. But not winning games by himself. Not a great throw to kill that last drive for sure...
  5. I wonder if zimmer and the vikes ever just say “wow that’s what could have happened if we had gave diggs a bunch of quality targets once in awhile from a competent Qb”. I imagine an offense with cooks breaking off 10 yard chunks and diggs leaving dudes broken for huge scores. Oh well... I feel good for this bills team.
  6. Sounds simple but I've long been a believer of mock drafting at least a few times a week as early as a couple months before the draft. That way you get a good feel for adp and what kind of players you will see at each round from multiple draft spots. In this way I know when to reach and how long I can wait for guys I want. I usually leave the draft with the guys I want without having to reach too hard. Now whether those guys do well is up to a bunch of different variables... fantasypros has a killer mock draft feature that you can use and get a mock done in minutes. Espn has mock draft lobby w
  7. Great point. Even without him being there I'd like to see them use him exclusively or hear that they plan to.
  8. Could possibly keep this guy next year. The coaching staff scares me. While trying to prove that Hines is a guy who should get carries and pulling stupid stuff like yesterday's lack of runs is a worry. Reports said that Reich called run plays but pee river kept checking those runs to passes. Hard to tell right now. If mack returns I think he falls out of first. 2nd or 3rd is sweet though.
  9. I drafted CEH, Connor, Mosthurt, but picked up Flames Rb1son before the season. Lost Scary Terry this week. But went into it this week with L JAX J.TAYLOR DOBBINS ADAMS CURTIS SAMUEL LOGAN THOMAS JEFF WILSON RAVENS D WAGNER as IDP BLANKENSHIP Thanks to all
  10. ESPN league... can keep anyone you like. But it costs you your first round pick. I don’t like it but that’s the way it is.
  11. I should have put a haha or lol after that... meant to be a joke. But yes he is very good
  12. I was nervous about the snow effecting adams... that was stupid. Might have to make adams my keeper.
  13. I would never bench davante, But I hope the snow doesn't slow down the rodgers-adams connection.
  14. If its one thing I know as a Carolina fan since their beginning, is that we can lose to anyone. No matter how much it seems like we will win. Its our gift and our curse.
  15. Wow Logan Thomas getting looks now. Thank you Heineken for your relative competency.
  16. The plethora of targets for Logan Thomas along with matchup made me think he was a safer play this week. I was wrong. And feel dumb.
  17. Lack of preparation leads to more opportunities for bad luck i think... bad luck doesn't tend to follow teams that are prepared. But its easy to criticize in my position. Hes still a great coach, maybe just not a head coach. But at the moment they are winning too... so who knows.
  18. Gotta look at head coach at this point for chargers... bad decisions, time management issues, etc. Heck if tyrod hadn't got stabbed in the lung im not sure Herbert would have ever gotten a shot this year.
  19. Looking like least valuable player right now for Cards
  20. Wilson is back. For how long .... who knows? Hold your breath
  21. He was absolutely ballin. Too bad none of the niners backs can handle a complete football game.
  22. I feel this dude will play. But I'm scared of set backs in game or possibly he is out. Also my other option Wilson plays today... tough decision. Seems like its better to go with a safer pick than gibson... like a guy with no question marks.
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