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  1. Pats are done. Offensive and defensive are a joke. Season over
  2. With Coleman being activated Ill take my chances with James White over Hasty. I refuse to play Shanahanigans. Lol
  3. I have MVS in one league, and T Smith in another league. Even if Adams plays, I may insert them into my lineup, depending on how Adams looks in pre game
  4. No it doesn't. If you bench him, he will go off. If you start him he will suck or get hurt. Lol
  5. I guess you missed Gesickis breakout last week.
  6. I'm debating between Jonnu and Gesicki too. Tough choice.
  7. It's looking a little windy, but nothing too intense from what I've seen.
  8. I'm going with Fuller over Boone because of the upside. I'm playing against CMC so I'll need it.
  9. Assuming hes active, are you guys starting him today? I'm starting him over R Woods and hoping for a long TD against the brutal Bucs secondary, and maybe 5 or 6 catches.
  10. 68.5 points from Kamara and Brees. I dont like my chances. Lol
  11. Its amazing that I have Brees and Kamara and have yet to get 1 touchdown connection for the entire season. Lol
  12. Yea I knew he would lol. At least Tannehill helped get me to the next round. I'm debating both of them again this week. I know if I start Brees, Tannehill will go off. Lol
  13. Im hoping for an Adam Schefter tweet update at some point for a little more clarification on him. I'm still not 100% sure I'm starting him at this point
  14. I hope so. I'm greedy though and want more yards too. Lol
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