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  1. Haha. Unfortunately he isn't, but Eli is on my roster, and he kind of looks he could be from Mayberry, doesn't he? But for Floyd, this week, I have High Hopes. So come on big man...Shine on you crazy diamond
  2. I'm digging the "Floyd" reference in that pic. Well done. And I'm willing to let the past be the past, as long as he stops playing like Gomer Pyle out there. But more than likely, I'll need Aunt Bee to come over and console me after yet another disappointing performance.
  3. Against the 49ers, Brown and Fitz were the receivers used in their two TE sets. Bad sign #1. They used Jaron Brown a lot more on 3WR sets at Floyd's expense (even though PFF doesn't have Brown listed at all on the snap count...? Still, they each had 3 targets). Bad sign #2. Floyd was in on only 23 of 68 total offensive plays. Bad sign #3. And after all of that, I still might have to fire him up. He can't throw up a goose egg two straight weeks, right? At least he's always a red zone threat with Palmer, right?! The Jets secondary is suspect as hell...right?!?!
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