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  1. Couple thoughts, i’m commish myself for my league;


    1.) The only way I would ever veto a trade was if there was obvious collusion, or when someone dgaf about their team and blatantly gives up and trades away whomever they are asked for. A good commish will make sure this never happens as they need to be on top of teams not setting their lineup and threaten to ban for following year, as this ruins the competitiveness and spirit of the league.


    2.) I don’t think it’s fair to veto for the sake of everyone’s opinion. That’s a slippery slope unless there is predetermined rules or an understanding put into place. What if the Kawhi owner was worried Kawhi will miss tons of time?  The ONLY person to be able to approve veto, imo, is the person who got Kawhi in return. I’ve personally accepted on accident a BS trade, went to my boy, plead my case, and got it reversed.  If this is what truly happened and the Kawhi recipient refuses, then all should beware and say “f this guy” and move on. 


    3.) Just personal opinion but looks like original Kawhi owner got shamed into crying wolf on this one, that shouldn’t allow for a veto

  2. I just had this proposed to me. My Ingles for Teague. 12 team 9 cat roto.  Team below. What does everyone think?  I had Lin who just went down, though still feel I can still be competitive in assts with my oop assts. Ingles looks like the real deal and through watching the games, you can see he’s a huge part of that team and gets alot of usage. Leaning towards keeping Ingles. What does everyone think? Drop a link!


    G: Lillard/Gary Harris/Ingles/Dejounta Murray/Evan Turner (pulled off ww), Seth Curry (IR)

    F: Giannis/Otto/James Johnson/Harkless/Chriss

    C: M Gasol/ WCS/ Willy Hernangomez


  3. 4 hours ago, johnnyidra said:

    12 teamer? Do it and be active on the ww. There should be a lot of decent guys available to stream.

    Nurkic and Batum are always injured, Beal is made of glass and Ibaka is very meh in fantasy.


    I think when you have a chance to get all 3 of those guys on your team, you should do it. You can always trade one away later. 


    Go big or go home. Punt FG and TO hard.


    Plus I think that team would be fun.


    Yeah the team would look fun. But this is roto, where you shouldn't be punting any cats.  It's very hard to win with 1 pt in a single category in Roto. You make that trade, you're last or next to last in blocks, rebs, turnovers and probably fg%. Might even struggle with points too. You'd be like  a 50 pt team, max. Also, a 12 team league is not shallow at all, it's pretty tough to be active on the WW

  4. 1 hour ago, Rottweilers4Life said:

    Ryantheriipa, would you do a trade of Millsap & Gary Harris for Porzingis?  Guy with Porzingis keeps sending me this trade & refuses to give up another player.

    Why not start a thread for this?  That's a good question. Really hard to tell with your league situation and current team. That being said, I think this trade is pretty close. In a vacuum, i'm probably keeping Porzingis, who should be a 2nd round value. 

  5. 52 minutes ago, Rottweilers4Life said:

    I would go Prince to maintain a stronger FG% wing on your team to complement your bigs

    Prince can't shoot, his fg% is terrible. Probably going Hood here. Not sure why you are punting assts. You have Dame, Steph, Lin, followed by Harris, Dipo!! And Hood if you pick him up. It's not all about having a John Wall or Rubio on your team. I think you'll be fine there.

  6. Turner for me . He's like close to $40 in value for auction even though he goes for around $30-$35. Also, bigs are at a premium and Pacers are his team. Middleton is nice too( $22 value going avg $22, )though his skillset is easier to find at the lower values compared to big man stats and elite blocks. Also, don't know your settings but thinking next year you may be able to keep Turner for $33?  If he breaks out then thats pretty good value as well.

  7. Unsure why you'd take Harden with the 3rd pick, and fail to surround him with assts and 3's. Horford is almost a waste here since his biggest asset as a big is his assts. I would move him or Harden and play up your strengths which are your bigs. Problem there is out of Horford and Serge, they don't grab as many boards as you'd like, though during most weeks this shouldn't be a problem. I think you will struggle with assts, steals, and fg%. You'll be average in Pts and 3's. Elite in blocks and ft%. You'll prob do well in TO, though Harden is the worst in that regard, so i'd prob try to trade him for someone like Kawhi, who would be a step up.

  8. 2 hours ago, chud12 said:

    So no one expects Turner to take a big leap with George gone?? The guy is 22

    Gobert is still only 25, which is not even bball prime really. Give me 20 and 12 every night with almost 3 blocks a game please. Not to mention, his fg% is insane and obv his ft is bad, but won't kill you. Balance him out with some good ft and you'll be fine. As for Wiggins, i think you're wrong in that we have seen almost the extent of his abilities. Every year he does the same thing, i would sell with no regret. I think you are downplaying the fact that you get a first round pick next year.

  9. 3 hours ago, nbafan_123 said:

    My bigs are not the most exciting but figured they will get me boards, decent percentages and chip in some blocks. But maybe I will try and package Aldridge/Harris for Turner 

    No way that trade gets accepted. Back to original question. I think you are good enough to stay afloat in assts. With Wall, you basically have 2 pgs for 1 in assts which is huge. When Batum gets back, you'll be elite in assts. Trading LMA is not worth it just to get better in 1 cat. What you should be looking to do is to improve your fg%. Your team might finish dead last in that area. Also need help in blocks, rebs. Get rid of Chandler as this is Roto, and he won't help you anywhere but boards. I would look to trade Ariza for a big. I really like Adams and Willy for you but you need another solid big who provides some pts, reb and blocks.



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