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  1. Not a Brook fan but I'd hold. You're too light on bigs without Brook obv, but also Batum might miss 25% of the season.
  2. Nice, we share a few of the same players. We play the same format as well. I have to say i like it all the way until your Utility and bench (in the screenshot). You can def slot Redick, in there, but your depth is really weak, and you need at least one more solid big at pf or c. I would argue that Lance, Valentine and Kuzma (definitely) should not be rostered. Lamb will provide decent value until Batum gets back, so trade him after a couple great games if you can. What does your ww look like? http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/674207-rate-my-team-whir/
  3. I'd go get Ingles. JJ is nice but only offers one cat. Prince can't shoot and you def don't need help in blocks. Ingles is low key sleeper who will offer better shooting, 2 3's and a steal a game.
  4. Personally I'd go with Smith, Ball, then Fultz. Smith because of the commitment DAL is showing him, and his talent. Ball next. Personally i don't think he's as good as advertised, but it's clear he will be given a long leash, and is the best bet to put up DD.
  5. Not enough bigs. Will suffer in Reb, Blocks, fg%, . Strong in assts, ft%, 3's, pts. Tough cause you have 3 pure pg eligible i think, i would try to move one of those pg for a passing big. For example, kemba for Marc or Horford
  6. You cant ever have too many bigs. booker is redundant in your team and main value is 3's and pts, which you don't need
  7. Yes its enough, nice team. Drop Len, no reason for Knicks to not develop Willy
  8. Waiters for Holmes is the drop i see, but yeah hold on IT and try to shop http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/674207-rate-my-team-whir/
  9. 12 team, Roto 9-cat auction draft: Giannis $69 Lillard $47 Lin $11- Overspent here Gary Harris $14 Willie Cauley Stein- $5 Porter-$14 Marc Gasol $22 Willy HG $4 Chriss $4 James Johnson- $3 Harkless $2 Seth $2 Ingles $2 Drop a link, thanks!
  10. I'd probably do this. This looks like a really shallow league, and combined with the fact that you only start 7 players, value of studs go up, which Lowry def is. Lots of good players on the wire as well.
  11. WCS will prob get close to 30'minutes and to the Kings, he's the future.
  12. Bigs are more valuable in any league i'd say. Pgs are definitely more deep this year.
  13. Kawhi at 11, and then hopefully a big like Gobert at 14
  14. I would do that for sure, but I don't think the Murray owner would give up for Tatum alone.
  15. I Wouldn't do that. I'd need a player of at least 2nd round value in a 2 for 1 in return if i'm doing that.
  16. Would be nice to get some $$ values for these guys. If I read correctly, you will have Booker if you drop someone? Just off what you've given us, i'm thinking Lillard and Wall are same money? Drop Wall, keep Lillard. You'll be beast on 3's with oop 3's from KP and Joker. You'll also be a ton better on ft% with Dame and also better with pts. Prob even turnovers too. Only thing that'll hurt obv is assts. Though you can still build on that in the draft since Joker and Simmons will get oop assts.
  17. Kind of a no-brainer. Butler side wins. Or did you mean Caron Butler? He's back?
  18. Worried about your PF and C spots. Kind of goes to show the need to take bigs early. Both Randle and Monroe won't really give you stocks, and WCS is ave for a big in that regard. I think you'll struggle with Reb, blocks, and maybe even 3's. Will prob be avg to poor in steals.
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