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  1. I'd take that trade. The chance to start off with say Harden, Jokic and Gobert is intriguing. It drops off from 15th pick, then again at 25th, just to give you an idea of tiers imo. Also, your league is shallow, so everyone will have good players. You need bang for your buck. 3 out of the top 13 will do that for you. Deal with the rest later. You should still be able to get players like Gallo, Nurk, Fultz, Payton around 70.

  2. Not bad. You might thinking about trading for another mid-level C, maybe a 2 for 1 with a pg giving away Pau. Someone more reliable than him would suit you. 2 of your 3 C's (Pau, Ibaka) are not known for their boards, and I see you lacking there since only KD is an above average rebounder at the other spots. Also, I think you will struggle with fg% since you have a lot of high volume chuckers and your bigs are not necessarily high % anchors. I would build off of KD's strength in that area and move some of your pgs. Personally I don't like the idea of holding Baze and RJ just to trade them off later. In roto, it's easy to fall behind quickly, especially in % cats, and you are still banking that they will play well enough to tempt anyone. Why not package them to get a better suited pg for your team while they have name recognition. My strategy in roto is to trade early and often. 

  3. 13 minutes ago, tazdingo said:



    Admittedly, I haven't seen him play a full game. There was an airing issue with the cable companies in the Philippines that held the rights to airing NBA games which still hasn't been resolved for more than a year now. That coupled with my erratic work schedule made me miss the entire regular season and the playoffs (I could only watch bout 2 games from the Finals last season) and skip a year of fantasy hoops. 


    That aside, where are these projections of Murray ending up with 4th-5th round value? I'd really like to see a case for this.

    I get the Rotoworld draft guide for $20. Look in 9cat top 200



  4. 5 hours ago, tazdingo said:

    I dropped Jaylen for Prince now but I'm still on the fence bout Murray. Time shares always scare me off and I've already got one in Boban...


    I'll need more convincing or evidence for me to move from Murray to MKG (who finished with 7th round value last year).

    Have you watched Murray play?  Also, MKG is always hurt, and 7th rnd value is nice. However, if you look at Rotoworld draft guide, Jamal is projected at 4-5 rnd value, and MKG is like 10-11. So upside for MKG is 7th rnd in like his best year ever, from last year, and Jamal will probably realistically fall somewhere like 5-7. So there's that.

  5. 6 hours ago, johnnymills1 said:

    Giannas/KD will be the best players to built around. Those should be the only two players you should decide from. WestBrook and Harden are barely gonna crack top 5 this year in fantasy. If you do not like giannas or KD than go with Kawhi/KAT.


    Definitely do not go Kawhi. He will be a low end first rounder/early 2nd value imo. Also, without league settings it's tough to tell. Though with 12 cat, i'm guessing DD or TD is in play. That would make Westbrook an option, and KAT would probably be my first choice overall. 


  6. Sorry to say, I don't see any bonafide keepers. Though in this 16 team league, looking at the prices other keepers are going for, you might think about keeping LBJ at $59 since someone else is definitely paying that. All comes back down to a stars and scrubs or a balanced approached. I would prob lean to keeping Lebron since you can keep 4 and your draft may be depleted of players after others keep 60 players total. Noel might be a hold too. Auction draft values for ur league has Noel at $24 value, LBJ $50, Collison at $10, to give you an idea.

  7. Millsap for me. Bigs are more valuable and I think he will bounce back. Nice glue guy in the PF spot which is rare.  That makes him more valuable than Porter in my opinion. Love is also an option, though I will not ever draft bigs who cannot block shots or shoot a high %, and he does neither.



  8. Make sure to post your league settings and how many teams there are in your league. Just looking at your team, not great fits. Klay seems kind of wasted on your team since his strength is 3s, and you don't have a lot of that. Also you will be weak in blocks, assts, steals and maybe even boards. This looks like a 16+ team league? Also I wish I had 2 Gary Harris' as well lol

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