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  1. Those last few spots on your team, you should be prepared to drop players pretty quickly especially since you are in a ten team league, meaning the waivers should be pretty deep. Go for upside and players that could break out. You know what you will get in MKG and imo he shouldn't be rostered in a ten teamer. Drop him for Jamal. Jaylen is whatever, he's going to have a ton of competition for not only minutes, but touches. I'd drop him for Prince as well.
  2. For me, whoever is left over out of KAT, KD, Giannis, in that order
  3. Close, but I would go KD. While a little less stocks, can't ignore the fact that he's a great positive ft anchor. Also, those 3pts with that fg% is huge. I play roto though so that influences my decision
  4. I'd disagree with the comment that Payton has a higher ceiling than Russell. Russell was the second overall pick for a big market team that put so much pressure on him early, which is understandable. Before he was traded, he had a few triple doubles and started to look like he was getting confident. Now basically the Nets have just given him the keys to the car, which I think will work wonders. Also, we wish his ft would be bettwr obv, but he's only shooting about 2.5 times a game at almost 70%, so its not a huge anchor.
  5. I'm planning to ake Jokic at 9 in my draft, and in this setup his value goes up cause of the DD. I would take him at 11 if he is there. KAT or AD at 5
  6. Marvin for Thompson for sure. He's not sexy but a great glue guy who will probably post top 80 and maybe even better. When you can IR IT, then i would also pick up Monroe and Prince and drop Waiters. I'd still try to see what you can get in terms of bigs for an IT two for 1 though.
  7. Solid team. Great value all around. I disagree with above, as I think with Harden, why would you ever want to punt ft? Also, Gobert, is not as much of a negative ft anchor that you couldn't overcome it with Harden on your squad. I don't particularly like the thought of having both Jrue and Rondo on my team though.
  8. It's ok. Your bench is pretty weak and the fact that you only have 3 bench players is going to hurt you in HU if you don't have an IR. Like above drop Tristan and maybe waiters and use those two spots for streaming players. If no IR spot, I would try to trade IT asap. You're not getting back fair value for IT especially if you don't have an IR, so I would try to package him with say, Pau, in order to get a better big. Bigs are def your weakness, as you'll struggle with boards, blocks. The lack of a stud big will also hurt you in pts. Since you're in a ten teamer, you should work on 2 for 1 tra
  9. I wouldn't do either. You have a decent pg squad so i wouldn't mess that up for either
  10. Yes i'd do that. I think the top 5 players of this draft are on a whole different level. Just to put into perspective, thats like getting KD/Giannis/KAT and Redick for Kemba and Klay. It's close but I do that all day.
  11. Nice guards, but your swignmen and bigs are not up to par. The fact that you have Dame and Wall will hurt you in fg% as you don't have any positive high volume fg% anchors. You'll also struggle with TO, blocks, steals and boards. Time to package some guards and trade away imo.
  12. Side A is better. Go with youth, AG is the best player out of the 4, perhaps by a lot. And Ingles is a decent glue guy
  13. Was this a thinly veiled brag?! Lol jk , sick team. Only other weakness I see, which might not be too great, may be assts. Is this ten team league?
  14. That's tough. I'd probably just roll with youth. IT might not be the same after this
  15. Looks like your league is pretty deep, but still, hard to part with KAT in any of those trades. 2nd offer is atrocious
  16. Hard to tell without you explaining any of your league setup. Does that mean that for next years draft, you'd just be drafting from rookies and scrubs? Must be if you are contemplating this
  17. Butler imo, since it's a keeper league. Also, with that foundation that you have you can just punt assts anyway.
  18. Thanks guys. To me, Jokic's upside is huge. Comparing that to Lebron and Wall, while they are also studs, Jokic still gets me more excited as we haven't seen him at his best. Last year he really only turned it on after about a third of the season was done, and still had sick numbers. 16.7/9.8/5assts, with what will be a steal and a block a game this year. Dude shoots threes, hits 83% with good ft volume, and of course that Fg% is gobertesque (and i repeat, he shoots threes, which makes it more amazing). Those numbers were over 29 min a game last year, and we saw that Malone had no problem giv
  19. Nurkic for sure for me. Portland showed a ton of confidence in him and it's obviously paying off big time. I think he's a type of fantasy player which could win you your league, as he's being drafted in like the 6th round. It wasn't long ago people were going back and forth between Jokic and Nurkic.
  20. I have the 9th pick, Roto, 9 cat, 12-team league. First 9 picks will go something like this: KD, KAT, Giannis, Russ, Harden, Curry, AD, Kawhi. Personally I don't think that Jokic is a reach at 9, but how does everyone feel about him in that spot?
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