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  1. 28 minutes ago, rage2021 said:

    What if you miss out on one of the FT studs early on? 

    Kind of goes back to your league settings and team strategy.  For me, for Roto, I will never consciously punt a category. If I stay away from those three neg ft anchors I mentioned, I won't need to. This also comes into play for me for  fg%. I will never target a stud just for their ft%, rather, I like to have a well balanced team with above ave or league leading potential in 5-6 + categories. That's why, to me, glue guys (a la Gary Harris, even a big like Dieng) are so crucial in Roto

  2. I only really play roto, so i will always try to be well balanced, and let the stars on my team dictate what directionI want to take my team. I will compile a list of players I like, but I am very reactionary during draft day in that I usually will select the best available (and also get good value) while trying to get stud bigs and pgs foremost. That being said, I will NEVER draft Dwight, DJ, and Drummond, no matter what.  Last year I drafted Hassan, traded him midway in a deal for Gobert (among others) and won my league. I also like to have positive ft anchors when I have players such as those two. 

  3. Your team is pretty stacked. Do not trade Kawhi for Love and a filler!  You can get so much more value than that. I'd be asking for at least a top ten asset and then some if i'm trading Kawhi.

    The fact that you have Russ is so crucial in that he's a triple double beast and you are getting close to ten boards a game right there. Also, his ft %/volume is great. Therefore i'd look to trade Howard for a Big who gets boards and doesn't kill you with ft%.  No sense having him on your team where his biggest asset (blocks) is unusable and his biggest deficiency is hurting your major strength (ft)

  4. This has to be a 4 team league right?  I'd take my chances with Smith as it seems like Cuban wants him to be the future. Gordon, while nice, has always unachieved so might as well roll the dice with the upside since you don't really have a need for anything. You could always trade for Gordon easier than Smith(if he blows up) since Smith is an x-factor

  5. With close to 100 players off the table and with your team i'm just going after whatever bigs I could get. Your team is really nice and the only weaknesses I see would be assts and boards. If you can't get solid bigs, target 3's and blocks from the 2 and 3 spot (glue guys). 

  6. Yeah Embiid was too early imo, but overall your team is pretty nice. Excellent value with Dipo and Lin and I think Bogdan will be a sleeper. I think you lack a solid third big to give you depth and expand on having Hassan and Embiid. Also, just my opinion, but I have never owned Rubio ever and don't plan to due to the fact that I just hate his fg%. 

  7. 4 hours ago, Kizzel said:

    How about Mike Conley for Brook and Avery

    Nah, this is 30 team league so everyone's value goes up ten fold. If you are thinking about that trade, I would rather do Horford for Dragic straight up. That being said, I would rather have Horford in your situation. He gets a ton of assists for a big man, and is a very nice glue guy with C eligibility, which is rare at that spot. Your strength are your bigs.

  8. Your team is nice. Wouldn't drop anyone for the waivers and def wouldn't drop Chriss' upside. When he has a couple of sick games you can always trade him. One thing I thought of was have you thought about trading JJ? Team doesn't look strong enough to win 3's imo,  i could be wrong with Lonzo chucking ten a game, but just a thought. Maybe JJ package with a big for a strong sg/sf glue guy?

  9. KAT. Much respect to Thrilla up above but I have to think that last year was almost a fluke injury wise with AD.  He's missed like 15-25% of games 4-5 years, which is toooo much for your top 6 pick. Also, It's a good point that buckets and cousins have missed same amount of games as AD the last three years. Maybe it's time to label all of them injury -prone/headcases (w/regards to Boogie). But they are also not in contention for a top 6 pick this year, which is a huge difference. Not to mention, KAT is just a beast and is only getting better. The same argument we make for added personnel with MINN can also be made for NOLA imo

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