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  1. [...] thinking about using him over other FLEX options on WW
  2. he looked great with Finley. I'm playing him over Drake.
  3. Chark is the only one that scares me. if Kennan sits, you gotta go with Tyron.
  4. same situation here. And my opponent has two Saturday players, Hopkins and Aiyuk. If they go off, I go Hurts for upside. If they under preform, it will be Lamar for safety.
  5. I am where I am because of this man. so many people asked to trade for him. so thankful I stayed put. Will be buying a Kelce jersey if I win next week ❤️ God bless you Travis
  6. I have a feeling Drake will still get majority of touches (like 90%) and Edmonds will only be used for emergency purposes. last five RBs that faced PHIL (rushing numbers only): Gallman 18/53/2, Chubb 20/114/0, Carson 8/41/1, Aaron Jones 15/130/1, Kamara 11/50/1 15-20 touches for Drake with high possibly of scoring. sign me up.
  7. any chance we'll hear if Edmonds plays or sits before the morning games?
  8. I think Team 1 wins. not even close. I'm guessing you are also Team 1? in which case, I would recommend sitting Scary Terry and going with both Jefferson and Aiyuk
  9. I think Jones is more droppable and I don't think either of them will "haunt" you.
  10. I think you should start Robinson. Ravens D is beatable now. Its close though!
  11. I agree it has to be Davis if CMC is out. If not, Diontae is still the best WR on that team and gets 10+ targets every game (if he finishes the game....) help with mine?
  12. From that list, I would would go with Hill. KC has been beatable lately and Saints just got embarrass. I'm not sure if I can trust my playoff matchup to Rivers or Carr..... help with mine? edit: thanks for your help!
  13. gotta go with your stud Allen. I know its the Jets but they can just run or the rams D can have a defensive TD and they don't really need Goff anymore. help with mine?
  14. I would much rather face team 1 but QB are hurt. Sanders had one huge run last week. Hunt, Davis has been inconsistent. Kelce is the only one who scares me on that team. help with mine?
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