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  1. I'm 1000% convinced that this past week Peyton was preparing film wise like HE was going to start... Him and Eli going over everything Peyton noticed for their "one more run" collaboration... He looked heavily invested up in that suite celebrating.. Eli used Slayton like he was Odell in that first half (36 & 54 yard plays vs Darby), I'm pretty sure that was a plan.. 2nd half Eagles played keep away & better defense.. Peyton is probably already watching Miami vs Jets film right now wherever he is... Eli getting a final home start vs
  2. To all the Carson owners - You are welcome.... My opponent this week had Mattison & I had said "Just let Cook play so he doesn't get a #1 rb handed to him vs me in the first round of the playoffs, anything else I will deal with.." So naturally the dood I'm gonna play against in the semi finals has Carson & Penny (Also has a fully healthy looking Cook at this point) and now gets to deploy Carson as a top 3 rb for week 15... I made the deal with the devil to avoid Mattison & fate would not have me go unpunished for my pact, so enjoy Carson's best game of 2019 this week
  3. Nah the Sony owners are hoping for a good amount of work vs a crummy run defense and would be thrilled with game of 100+ yards and multiple goal line chances which is in range tomorrow... If the Pats stay in the game Sony should be one of the main reasons why.. I'm sure the head coach in New England can figure that out since he's pretty good this time of year...
  4. As a comissioner since 1998 any rules changes including playoff seedings are to be either done before the season or maybe in unique situations voted on during the season... Changing rules this late in the game with no vote is crummy and more peeps in your league should be calling it out. In my league there would be a revolt by all the peeps that seemed slighted by the rule change & it would cause league damaging chaos... All these rules should be posted or easily findable by owners so nothing is ever considered shady...
  5. This was just said about who they are now using at fullback so all hope is not lost.. -- So far, however, it seems as if Roberts has convinced New England’s coaches that he is capable of doing all these things when lining up in the backfield. And his early impact on the running game cannot be denied either, as McDaniels pointed out: “He’s physical, he’s aggressive, he loves contact and hitting. I think he made a few really important blocks that would have made James Develin very proud towards the end of the game there.” While he isn't Devlin he may be the best we can hope for at thi
  6. This dood has been stapled to my bench for sooo long now... [...] I think this week may be a good week to use him if BB forces that terrible oc McDaniels to use him in more than the first 15 scripted plays... I don't think Mahomes is the "monkey wrench in the machine" running threat that Lamar & Watson are so maybe the Pats defense rises to the occasion at home & keeps this game close enough for Sony to get his carries... Seems like they either play a crummy team they beat down & the Pats get Brady and his wrs some confidence building stats or they play a team with J
  7. I had that Scam Newton sucka & Jameis George going into the season thinking it was good enough... I am now down to Jameis vs Jimmy G vs Darnold each week and will no doubt pick the wrong starter each time... It's not like Winston doesn't have weapons to throw to... Those alone should make him a 3 td a bunch of games type of qb.. Not once this year did I feel like I had the qb advantage going into a fantasy week vs my opponent.. He will have a couple more big stat games but does anyone trust him at this point during weeks 14-16 that he won't sink your season with a meh
  8. I liked the Rudolph / James Washington connection in college... Mad highlights... Even then I thought Rudolph was corny af.. When Washington was drafted I was hoping he would become a thing & then when they took his college qb I thought that it was great for when Ben bounced... Fast forward to now & this train is in a fiery ditch with Mason at the wheel and Washington crawling away but still on fire... With Conner a mess, Juju doing his best Alshon "As soon as Marshall is gone Jeffrey will be a top end #1 wr!" impression with no Antonio to be gameplanned against
  9. Need Barkely to go get that elusive 100+ yards rushing that has been on vacation since week 2... Also maybe having a 2 td game from someone who is a top end rb isn't too much to ask for... Also maybe Cooper can be counted on for more than 6 catches for his 100 yards a few times a season like all the other top 5 wrs are... Need 51 points combined from Barkley/Cooper after the Pats defense forgot they were not playing a middle of the pack Division II college offense last night & never got off the bus...
  10. As a Lord Gordon believer since 2013 I'm soooo glad he is away from game manager Brady... As a DK owner/truther who was counting on him to be my rookie keeper for next year & beyond while becoming a super monster high end wr within a few years this is the worst case scenario... Now I'm scrambling trying to come up with a trade to get Gordon before my leagues tomorrow trade deadline.. I was hoping for the Eagles, Packers or Saints that Gordon ended up with... This whole situation sucks for me for fantasy but I will also now be rooting for Russ & Gordon to make sweet
  11. Sanu is much more valuable... A second for Sanu to move the sticks and be a red zone target going to the team who has been after him since before the draft is gonna be a smash landing spot... Sanders who is always dragging some body part going to a heavy run oriented team with a meh qb as a half year rental seems very "Golden Tate to the Eagles" to me... If I had Sanders I'd trade him for Sanu in a second if I could...
  12. Sony to have a multi td night in primetime.... So I can trade him tomorrow in a package for something of note... -Signed, The Dummy who left Lats Murray on the bench in favor of Michel tonight because Monday night "last call for the week" game...
  13. This rollercoaster is maddening as usual... Bench him and he goes off, start him and he mostly goes off the rails... Lineman missing and London angle killing me but not really a great backup plan unless I unleash the Janitor errr Gardener vs the Saints mostly stingy defense... Watching Winston is painful most of the time so sitting thru the whole early London game to himself on my tv is a recipe for a crummy fantasy Sunday getting off on the wrong foot... Maybe the police will locate Mike Evans after someone sees him on the "Have you seen me" flyer & he will actually be
  14. When Eddie Lacy was in his prime for those couple years the Packers constantly threw the ball on 1st and goal from inside the 5 hard line.. It was so frustrating... Its just what Rodgers does and it won't change with Aaron Jones because Rodgers is still the qb calling his own number most of the time in the red zone... New coach, same Rodgers..
  15. The Patriots are also mad lazy with Michel play calling wise... Sunday at the goal line they ran him right into the defense which 99.9% of peeps watching knew wouldn't work... Next play they bring in Burkhead and run a much more effective movement play that Rex walks in on which I could have scored on... I called it the second I saw Rex was in the game, that they would do something better than they do with Sony.. I yelled at the T.V., cursed at cornball herb McDaniels, and went outside to vent knowing they just don't call anything but lazy, predictable plays for Sony...
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