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  1. Benching B Cooks in terrible weather. Pick one: Lindsay vs LV Mike Williams vs MIA Jakobi Meyers vs BAL WHIR
  2. I have all of Rodgers, Davante, A Jones, Chark and Cooks. Do I wish the weather wasn’t so bad? Yes. Am I going to overreact and play a lesser option than them? No. I trust Rodgers and Watson’s arms to be able to put up decent numbers regardless of the wind. Chark also has a great matchup with Jaire out so he’s a must start for me.
  3. Packers dropped 2 of the last 3 games. It's clear they lack his talent in the run game. Jamaal is good but he isn't a pure runner like AJ. They need him back sooner than later. I don't see why they hold him out of the TNF game especially given the fact that Jones was ready to be back in the lineup the same week he got injured. Sometimes over-caution can bite you in the a**.
  4. He plays in the slot. Zaccheus lines up in Julio's spot. I dropped Gage for Zaccheus and plugging him in because half my team is on a bye. He looked good vs. GB running the primary WR routes.
  5. I have a feeling he’s gonna get a full share of snaps and go off but I’m still rolling out with a safer option
  6. Would love to see Saints Jimmy G numbers from him
  7. If Zeke signs this weekend, is he #1 overall pick worthy?
  8. Butker or Badley tonight??? tough decision for me... Chiefs prob lost some confidence with the Chiefs coaching staff last week and Badgley probably gained some. I think it'll be a high scoring game. Who will have the more FG opportunity??
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