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  1. Thanks for mine as bad as he has been sanders is thrice the rb that washington is hurts may keep df guessing and likely lean on run game go miles
  2. I’d roll gurly itd a toss up but with no Julio guely May see a few more touches thanks for mine good luck
  3. My bad his fumble was not recorded but stated he had one in recent story
  4. He rushed for 27 yds but espn is not counting in currently cannot find link to address on their app ppr he has 16 should be 18
  5. As a raider fan I think the eagles have more weapons and play in a easier division so I would lean wentz
  6. Can I traded Zeke kelce and Parker for Julio , Waller and david Johnson now moving Johnson for miles sanders
  7. You’re getting the best player especially if Eckler will return so go for it and thank you for your help with mine
  8. 540 buy in and 12 teams four make the playoffs I am 99% positive I’m being offerred miles because his owner needs a flex this week and trying to stay in playoff mix
  9. Your trade partner is definitely making sure that you pay every cent of that value. I do think you need to upgrade it wide receiver I would probably lean towards Keenan Allen but think that you were giving Up a pretty steep price to get him if you could play with that one a little bit to lessen your exposure I like it thank you for the help with mine
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