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  1. just picked up milssap but im dropping him for this guy. hoping for the best
  2. Anyone still holding? last 4 games were meh and im just holding for his st3cks really. 9-cat 14teamer
  3. im about to have my trade approval for this guy and im letting go of sga and gobert for him,cov and bojan. Let's hope these risks are worth it!
  4. dropping george hill for him. Though a bit hesitant he comes back to low usage with russ beal back. There is no bryant though. minutes in forward positions will open up.
  5. Is he a drop? anyone knows the schedule for the 2nd half of the season?
  6. tony wroten? i remember him being useful for a stretch of a month or two. 2014 i think
  7. wow. i think nuggets robbed them. 2 players for 4 and a 1st rounder
  8. yeah not sure who to pick-up on the wire for 16 teamers. If i'm playing 12 teamer those would probably be stream spots
  9. anyway, im dropping tonight. hope i can scoop him half on 2nd half faster than others
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