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  1. Just wanted to thank everyone for any insight given during the season. Ryan, Newton, Wentz, Hill, Mayfield, Fitzmagic, Carr, and Trubisky. These were my starting qbs including mayfields stinker this week. Just know that you don't win your league by drafting mahomes with your 2nd or 3rd Rd pick. Anyways, the repeat was successful! Thanks to all.
  2. Haha, I suppose, but I couldn't have ever foreseen exactly what happened there. Hope it worked out for you (i.e. benched Sanders)
  3. Normally, I'd say Sanders, but I think you'll instead see Brees rely heavily on his running backs. Johnson and Moore might both be the best WR on their teams (no question in Moore's case). I think you need to look at the rest of your team. Moore offers a low floor, but sky high potential. Sanders is a mystery and Johnson will garner tons of targets but with Ben's play, might not yield a super high fantasy day. Still, I like his floor better than Moore's. If you're a gamblng type, Moore. The safe option is Diontae. Thanks for mine
  4. I keep agonizing over Bills @ NE vs. Bears @Jax NE may be resting good players since they're out of the playoffs Jags are terrible, but they're slightly better with Minshew. I guess I'm slightly leaning Buffalo but could be convinced to go Bears (and I'm a Bears fan, though Ive always really liked the Bills)
  5. This week: 1.. Chubb 2. Pollard (if Zeke sits) 3. Taylor 4. Bell 5. Gaskin (I would be really hesitant to play someone coming off the COVID list. Lots of players (esp Lamar) have been slow to return to form, and you have too many other good options to get cute in championship week. Help? 3. Gaskin (I'd
  6. This really depends on how healthy Zeke and Carson are. If Zeke sits, Pollard is a top 10 RB. Then I go Dobbins. Hunt probably won't have ideal game script, but you might snag an early TD from him. If Carson plays, he's your next one, even against a tough Rams D. Carson might be nursing an injury - he didn't practice fully yesterday. Keep an eye on that. Of course if he starts you play him. You just need to watch the injury reports this week. I'd bench Bell. Even with a full workload, but I get it's tempting and I wouldn't blame you for playing him. Help?
  7. I need to select a QB and a D/ST. 12 team, PPR. The final is 1 vs. 2, also most points (2) for 2nd most points (1). I've used 7 different starting QB's this year, and Mayfield would be my 8th if I start him. Here's my roster: QB: Mayfield (@NYJ) RB: Kamara, AJones WR: Hopkins, Diggs, Robinson TE: Waller Flex: Dobbins K: Sanders DST: Bears (@JAX) or Bills (@NE) Bench: Latavius, Edmonds, Goedert, Trubisky, T Hill (*Taysom, not Tyreek lol as if Tyreek would be on my bench) If Brees unexpectedly misses the game on a short week, I am starting Hill no que
  8. I'm hoping to make my final next week and am making contingency plans. Current roster: QB: streaming, currently Trubisky WR: Hopkins, Diggs, Robinson RB: Kamara, AJones TE: Waller Flex: Dobbins Bench: Latavius, Bowden, Taysom Hill, GOedert, Edmonds With Thomas out, Trequan seems like a good pickup. This is a keeper league, though, so Goedert and Edmonds may carry some extra keeper value (tied to their draft positions) so it's not as simple as dropping the least effective guy this week. Latavius is there just for insurance if Kamara gets hur
  9. I guess just decide if a Claypool 60 yd TD is more likely than a Gurley dominated goal line today. I'm not sure. Gurley's probably the safer choice. Maybe you want upside though. Coin flip!
  10. Oh man, hoping this doesn't land you in the dog house. lol. let's help you out! Not super excited about any of those RB choices. At that point, probably need to just go with talent, and that's unfortunately Zeke. Gurley, you're hoping for a goal line carry or two, but the Falcons are so hit or miss. Stay away from the Bengals offense, esp against a formidable miami D. WR's- Diontae is a target monster. You can't bench him. However, you probably don't want two Steelers WR against a decent D. Deebo looked really good last week. Summary: Zeke, Diontae, Deebo.
  11. It's a tough one, but I think Cousins is laughing right now. The Jags are terrible across the board. Fallen so far from their dominant D three years ago. Ben has a great core around him, too. However, the Washington pass rush has been underappreciated all year long. Don't overlook that. I dont' blame you for picking either one, but I think Cousins by a hair.
  12. Fitz is likely not going to play for ARizona due to Covid, so Kirk definitely has the highest ceiling here. After that, you're either gambling on a big day from Watkins (or he could score you 3 points) or taking the safer approach with Meyers, who is pretty well locked into 10-15 pts. Assess how confident you are in the rest of your team. If you need a boost, go with Sammy. If you feel pretty good, Meyers. Help?
  13. Cooper for sure .I'd have considered Aiyuk but with Deebo back and dominating last week, it's not so clear. Pittman is the safer choice. I just dropped Boyd. His appeal was tied to his gunslinger QB Burrow. Same with Higgins. Shame because they're both super talented. I'd go Booker. Easy matchup and no real competition for touches. That said. I'm not sure how great a receiver Booker is out of the backfield, but that's Hines' job with Indy, so it's not like Taylor will do much of that anyways.
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