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  1. I used to draft Julio almost every year. This year was the exception (drafted Ridley instead). Starting to think the wear and tear is catching up with him. 32 in about a month. He probably has a half year worth of elite play left in his body.
  2. Some good indicators I try to follow is drafting players in their 20's (non QB's of course), and picking up players who are very likely to have a breakout year. Ridley in his third year is a good example. Definitely a breakout year in 2020.
  3. I feel like I got robbed by drafting him in a non-ppr league. Was still gold in standard scoring league considering where I drafted him.
  4. I think I've been playing long enough to not have a fixed strategy. Pick the best available player (in your eyes), but don't overload at one position. Obviously, you'll hit some and miss some. The difference will be where you drafted the hits: the later the better.
  5. 10 team (non-PPR) QB - Brady WR - Ridley, Diggs, Evans RB - Cook, Wilson TE - Hooper DEF - MIA K - Tucker
  6. Title game lineup winners 🤯 Brady Evans Diggs Wilson Most dominating championship lineup I've ever had.
  7. What idiot would start Hurts over Mahomes anyway?
  8. Tannehill doesn't qualify as a savvy vet, but thanks for playing.
  9. Rode the Brady/Evans combo to win the title. Old is gold.
  10. Condoleces to those who started Hurts over savvy vets (ex. Brady).
  11. Seems like health is not an issue with Evans. League winner 😉
  12. GOAT in NFL and FF. DET is also horrible, but what a half by Brady.
  13. Frustrating game to watch. Should've had at least two TD's, and they put in Abdullah at the GL in the end??
  14. Henry owner here too. Hoping for the best from Hooper, but will lower my expectations.
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