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  1. Daks biggest problem is his accuracy. He is not the most gifted qb and Dallas tries to help him be successful with passer friendly routes. Yes, his away stats are not as good and yes, his rushing yards and tds usually push him over 20 so if you are looking for over 20, you better get that rushing td.
  2. Anybody have any inside knowledge on this kid? He has only played two halfs but looked okay in both. Even had a rushing td. He does have weapons to throw to. And his schedule weeks 15 and 16 look good with Oakland and Cleveland. I’d appreciate any inside word on his strengths and weaknesses. Thanks.
  3. Agree, no reason to miss that. I did not play Dak because I feared the Saints defense and sure enough, for the most part, they were solid. So I was watching to see if Dak could be trusted. Mixed reviews.... 1st half....yes 2nd half....no
  4. Days second half was very disappointing. Fumble, horrible throw on a guy wide open. I don’t know now if I can trust him week 16 against TBay. That has been my plan....but now I don’t know.
  5. Philly is a mess? On defense, but they still have the horses plus Tate on offense. Jeffrey, Ertz, Agholor, Adams, Wentz, a good OL. No.....give the Saints D their due, domination..... and Ryan got a lot of those yards in garbage time....
  6. You make a lot of good points mate. I picked him but not to play him this week v. Saints. No, Saints defense has picked it up bigtime last three weeks v Cincinnati, Eagles, and Falcons. But, I am watching closely to see how well he does to determine if he can play weeks 14-16. If he does well against this improving defense, I will feel much more confident to insert him against Eagles, Colts, and Bucs.
  7. I picked him up even though I own Winston and Rivers. I won’t play him this week v Saints but I’m watching very very closely. If I like what I see, he is definitely in the running to be starting for me in the following... 14: home v Eagles horrible secondary 15: at Indy 16: home v. He has scored >20 in 4 of His last 6 games.... 27, 15, 22, 16, 20, 30 Great schedule, stats have improved as season has progressed and he added Cooper, and he can run some (tds are especially nice). Why not?
  8. I was wrestling with Winston or Ryan and they both had 22 FP. All that thinking for nothing. I’m glad JW did well.
  9. Lol....he surprised me at Falcons but played well home v. Skins. I guess he likes home better.
  10. While I didn’t play Winston this week (Matt Ryan instead) I am rooting hard for him to be successful so I could now seriously consider him weeks 13-16.
  11. All of the above sounds good and logically speaking, Winston should be a great play. We all know this and we all know we can support this with many reasons. I think the biggest deterrent is the possibility of being pulled at halftime if there are too many turnovers, just like last week. In my opinion, the HC should now stop doing this and just let it play out. He needs to know if JW has any future in Tampa. Did Pittsburgh pull Ben last week when tjey were scoreless at halftime? No, of course not. Tampa coach needs to do the same....let it play out and see if JW can adjust and respond to advers
  12. Only -1 for interception so I’m not that concerned, -2 for fumble 350 yds, 2 interceptions, 3 tds, 30 yds rushing, 1 fumble 350= 14 tds= 12 rushing= 3 int= <2> fumble= <2> total= 25 points i could live with this.
  13. I agree....you beat Arizona through the ground, not the air.
  14. I don’t think he gets benched. They need to see if he is the future. They know old man Fitz isn’t.
  15. Arizona is 9ne of the worst rush8ng defenses in the NFL. 8 believe Gordon and Ekeler will eat big time. Of course, both catch passes too. Rivers ceil8ng is not nearly as high so it depends on how you want to play this......safe (15-20, go Rivers), or high upside risk (25-35, go Winston). Winston should be fighting for his job not 9nly this season but next. I think he will do okay and not be yanked at halftime.
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