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  1. Need to pick one for the flex spot: ARob v. GB Godwin v. KC Mostert v. Rams Thanks! WHIR 100%!
  2. motherfu**ing Gman I like how you think. I’ve practiced pacifism in the past, but not today. The holy one is about to walk on water!
  3. I would do it since you have Mostert. 49ers rb’s will remain gold all year. Tough giving up Ridley and Jacobs but I like the players your getting back. Henry is top dog and I think Ridley comes back to earth some.
  4. I like the trade. I love Mixon but tough schedule and poor line will limit him. Metcalf will come back to earth a little but hopefully volume goes up. Rus is basically the most efficient QB ever so number might hold. take Jefferson and hope he keeps turning in big games. I think Golladay is a WR1 moving forward and AJ brown is your wildcard. thanks for mine!
  5. I would probably hold onto Gage. Hard to get away from the Falcons passing game and if it’s a lotto ticket your basically hoping Julio or Ridley pulls a hammy and miss time. Ruggs has to show something first. Fast guys with hammy’s are trouble. He could have a John Ross rookie year
  6. I would look around for a better WR. CEH has more value than any receiver outside of Hopkins or Adams, maybe Mike. id take the 2nd trade especially if you have Hunt. I love Mostert ROS and you get a big TE upgrade. Chubb could be out 6 weeks if you can get that value I would. Still gives you options to upgrade WR with non IR players.
  7. Yes I would do this because your always starting Kelce. Holding 4 TE and Lazard on IR is hurting your chances at lotto tickets
  8. Definitely need a better RB than Gordon back. Allen is nice, but Zeke is top 2 guy in fantasy right now. I have at least 10 backs I’d want in a trade for Elliot before I took Gordon with Lyndsey coming back. help on mine?
  9. I’m in a similar situation, but I think you might be giving up too much. Robinson and Jones are close, but I lean Jones. DJ Moore is the guy I’m not sure on. I like McLaurin and Ceedee both better than Moore this year. I would drop DJ from the trade entirely unless you love him. Try to do McLaurin and CeeDee for Jones. If not possibly Robinson and McLaurin if you love Jones. All 3 seems like an overpay. help on mine?
  10. 10man, .5ppr, 2-flex league. I am 3-1 and he is 0-4. He put Aaron Jones on the block. Who wins this trade? Woods/Singletary/J.Jackson for A. Jones My Roster: QB: Allen RB: Cook / Mixon / Mostert / J.Robinson / Singletary / Mattison / J.Jackson WR: A.Robinson / Kupp / Woods / Godwin / Parker TE: Smith / Gesicki Thanks! WHIR 100%!!
  11. Tough one but I go with CeeDee. Not worth waiting on a banged up Davante. Dallas is favored by 5 with a big over/under. help on mine?
  12. Hill, Evans, Ridley, McLaurin and AJ. Guy does not need WR help. If I were him I’d be shopping Ridley or Evans for a top RB. I don’t see why this owner would trade Kamara. Arguably the top player to have in fantasy now with injuries. I wouldn’t give up value for TE If I were him either, Geisicki and Hooper should work out. Also, not sure your team is deep enough right now to be doing a 2-1 trade. Gotta wait on Golly, Chark and Mostert to heal up and Kelley takes over early downs. I’d sit tight, TD’s are incoming for Henry and the guy is a volume beast. help on mine?
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