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  1. Need to pick one for the flex spot: ARob v. GB Godwin v. KC Mostert v. Rams Thanks! WHIR 100%!
  2. motherfu**ing Gman I like how you think. I’ve practiced pacifism in the past, but not today. The holy one is about to walk on water!
  3. I would do it since you have Mostert. 49ers rb’s will remain gold all year. Tough giving up Ridley and Jacobs but I like the players your getting back. Henry is top dog and I think Ridley comes back to earth some.
  4. I like the trade. I love Mixon but tough schedule and poor line will limit him. Metcalf will come back to earth a little but hopefully volume goes up. Rus is basically the most efficient QB ever so number might hold. take Jefferson and hope he keeps turning in big games. I think Golladay is a WR1 moving forward and AJ brown is your wildcard. thanks for mine!
  5. I would probably hold onto Gage. Hard to get away from the Falcons passing game and if it’s a lotto ticket your basically hoping Julio or Ridley pulls a hammy and miss time. Ruggs has to show something first. Fast guys with hammy’s are trouble. He could have a John Ross rookie year
  6. I would look around for a better WR. CEH has more value than any receiver outside of Hopkins or Adams, maybe Mike. id take the 2nd trade especially if you have Hunt. I love Mostert ROS and you get a big TE upgrade. Chubb could be out 6 weeks if you can get that value I would. Still gives you options to upgrade WR with non IR players.
  7. Yes I would do this because your always starting Kelce. Holding 4 TE and Lazard on IR is hurting your chances at lotto tickets
  8. Definitely need a better RB than Gordon back. Allen is nice, but Zeke is top 2 guy in fantasy right now. I have at least 10 backs I’d want in a trade for Elliot before I took Gordon with Lyndsey coming back. help on mine?
  9. I’m in a similar situation, but I think you might be giving up too much. Robinson and Jones are close, but I lean Jones. DJ Moore is the guy I’m not sure on. I like McLaurin and Ceedee both better than Moore this year. I would drop DJ from the trade entirely unless you love him. Try to do McLaurin and CeeDee for Jones. If not possibly Robinson and McLaurin if you love Jones. All 3 seems like an overpay. help on mine?
  10. 10man, .5ppr, 2-flex league. I am 3-1 and he is 0-4. He put Aaron Jones on the block. Who wins this trade? Woods/Singletary/J.Jackson for A. Jones My Roster: QB: Allen RB: Cook / Mixon / Mostert / J.Robinson / Singletary / Mattison / J.Jackson WR: A.Robinson / Kupp / Woods / Godwin / Parker TE: Smith / Gesicki Thanks! WHIR 100%!!
  11. Tough one but I go with CeeDee. Not worth waiting on a banged up Davante. Dallas is favored by 5 with a big over/under. help on mine?
  12. Hill, Evans, Ridley, McLaurin and AJ. Guy does not need WR help. If I were him I’d be shopping Ridley or Evans for a top RB. I don’t see why this owner would trade Kamara. Arguably the top player to have in fantasy now with injuries. I wouldn’t give up value for TE If I were him either, Geisicki and Hooper should work out. Also, not sure your team is deep enough right now to be doing a 2-1 trade. Gotta wait on Golly, Chark and Mostert to heal up and Kelley takes over early downs. I’d sit tight, TD’s are incoming for Henry and the guy is a volume beast. help on mine?
  13. Roll out DJax and hope for a big play. Maybe two. help on mine?
  14. Mixon and Beckham. Not sure why you have OBJ if your not gonna roll him out there in a plus matchup. I have Golladay too but probably gonna wait another week. Could have a game like Davante Parker where he goes 5-60 and is clearly hobbled. help on mine?
  15. Big Ben for the steady 20pts. I’m waiting for Burrow to break out but not sure were there yet. thanks for mine.
  16. Swift for the steady touches. Slayton and Gage are both boom bust I think fuller is too much. Maybe start fuller over gage if Julio goes. help on mine?
  17. Got AJ Brown out and Golladay iffy. Already started J.Rob and need four starters from below: Kupp Gallup Lamb Mixon Monty Golladay Slayton Thanks for your help. WHIR 100%!
  18. McLaurin no doubt the Gibson dude looks like a total plodder. Won’t be the back next year.
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