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  1. My hypothesis is that Jafro = J Afro = Jarrett Allen.
  2. Damn...I went with the wrong McDaniels. This boy a**
  3. Amen. Over the last month he's averaging 14 boards and 12 assists a game, which is just insane. (Albeit you better be punting TOs or you're gonna have a bad time)
  4. In addition to what everyone said, Kanter has been crushing it this year
  5. Nurk and Bledsoe are my 2 picks. I have Simmons and while he has been a** the last month, he's averaging 15/8/7 on 55% FG vs. his career numbers of 16/8/8 on 56% FG. I can't call him a bust if he's doing exactly what I drafted him to do.
  6. Well yeah if my grandma had balls she'd my my grandpa. They aren't getting the same minutes, so their fantasy value isn't comparable.
  7. OK I own Bradley and missed out on Moses but wtf are you smoking? Better option in fantasy? Moses is perma-starting at C and chugging along getting his double-doubles while Bradley just played 11 minutes in a close game. Their numbers, across any date range, aren't even comparable.
  8. In my 10-cat he's been a 2nd rounder over the last month. Sexy beast.
  9. Oh great, I have another 3/11 shooting night to look forward to...
  10. Did my mans really just get 3 blocks in the first 3 minutes of the game
  11. Dude what the actual bollocks is wrong with this guy's shooting? I just checked the game logs and he's shot under 50% in 11 out of his last 12 games. Dude is literally shooting 36% over the last month and killing me in FG%.
  12. Imagine dropping one of the most consistent mid-round bigs in fantasy after he bonks his head and misses 2 games. 不不不不 不
  13. +1. I'm still seeing a therapist after dropping Time Lord earlier on in the season
  14. 2 blocks in the 1st minute of the game. PJ Washington >> Hakeem confirmed. edit: they just changed it to 1 block
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