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  1. Any thoughts on when his minutes restrictions will be lifted?
  2. On the wire in my 10 team H2H. Haven't owned him before, what kind of upside are we looking at here? I see he was 0.6 and 0.6 with low assists last year, is there any speculation of that improving? Seems like he has upside to put up mirotic numbers. 20-10-1.5 and 2.5 3's? Would love to have someone who knows his game better tell me what the best case scenario is here with the bulls being bad but having a bunch of chuckers out there.
  3. Looking to set my lineup for playoffs next week. Any updates on this guy? what are the chances he plays this week? its been fun, but it may be drop city for me.
  4. So minimum games he plays next week he plays is 2 next week? Anybody have any sourced info on an update? trying to figure out my lineup for playoffs starting tomorrow.
  5. I like the hold on smart. Value stays the same or increases in DEN in my opinion. Was playing well before he went down. Your weakest position looks to be pg/sg so dropping him for a big man may not be the best idea either. Thanks for the response on mine.
  6. I would do both. Gainnis is a no brainer Drummond you add 1 game per week for the final 2 weeks which is huge.
  7. I would do the deal Depending on how open your wire is for deadline pickups. Brook isnt going to get consistent minutes down the stretch and I think you can improve upon dirk with the deadline approaching.
  8. As said above rondo OR henson. No Brainer
  9. one for one. My team in sig. George gives me value with his SG,SF,PF eligibility on yahoo which is where I am weakest. WHIR
  10. any updates on the knee? 3 game week with a questionable on Monday makes him tough to start in a weekly H2H
  11. His status got changed to "Game Time Decision" on Yahoo. Im assuming its an error?
  12. This. Jrue puts up sneaky value even when he's not playing well. I cant see the possibility that you get a top 50 player with top 30 upside for him because everyone is thinking the same thing as you. Obviously this depends on the competitiveness of the league but I know I wouldnt give up a top 30 guy for Jrue and I own him!
  13. Putting up points. Anyone watching the game? Time to run to the wire?
  14. Its great Noel wants to play but why would anyone want him? outside of a rental piece for the year in which he wouldn't hold much fantasy value on the team he would go to why would a team give up player for him when he is a free agent at the end of the year and they can sign him then? If this is a naive stance I would love to be told Im wrong as Im still kicking myself for reaching for him on draft day!
  15. Just traded him away in a TJ Warren + Brown for Dragic and Hood. Enjoy the ride boys, Its been fun!
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