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  1. Still just pissed. Best draft ive ever had and out in round one with an 8-6 final record. Most points scored by about 300, third highest against though. Leader os 12-1 and has the least amount of points scored against by about 200. Went against the likes of Gallups only good week, sanders best game of his career etc. hate fantasy
  2. Out in the first round by 2 points. Will finish with 6 losses with a combined 66 points in losses. Was 7-2 and will finish 8-6. Team with kyler, henry, j rob, hill, connor. Dude had miles sanders game of his life and the ravens couldnt stop baker for their life. I hate fantasy football
  3. Was 7-2, going to finish 8-5. Team has been stunningly mediocre 3 out of the past 4. 4 out of my 5 losses have been by a combined 22 points (still have ravens d tomorrow so I could maybe win). qb - kyler rb - henry rb - jrob wr - hill wr - cooks te - engram rb - gaskin d - ravens k - koo bench - connor, goll, mixon, colts, samuel, snell
  4. Looking to do a h2h points league that has reliable members in it. Pm me to get my email!
  5. Waiting for a Henry hater to chime in with something like “well if you take away those 3 tds, hes a JAG!!”
  6. Top points overall in the league, 79 points today lol. No tds on my team except from Kyler. Winning by 1 with his bears d to go. Please blow them out minny!!
  7. Wowwwwww. First year owning hill and I pick when Mahomes decides to not throw to him much.
  8. At work, but frustrating to look at the stats and see Connor getting majority of all the carries, but snell got the goal line carry....
  9. Picked up bell after a disgruntled owner dropped him when he got hurt. I can let him sit on my bench behind henry, connor, and j rob and gain value. Hope the old leveon comes out to play!
  10. bare minimum, I expected tampering weeks ago and a contract announced at 4:01 et
  11. Bell and his agent get a say though. Doesn’t seem like he’s the type of guy that’d willingly take a timeshare situation. Maybe if its the last option but I’d think he’d state that he wants to be the guy in any negotiation.
  12. Hope marrone and gruden are fired after this game. Why put in thompson 1st and goal? Automatically signals that youre passing and then run three passes from the five! Terrible play calling in general all game.
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