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  1. Cook, Zeke, and Cooks all had TDs pulled back because of replay review. If Gronk and Golladay combine for 26.7 I'm going to lose. F### me.
  2. And, in the perfect example of how this season went, I have the highest score in the league this week but I’m playing for nothing.
  3. Highest scoring team in my league by 72.7 points. Missed the playoffs because in Week 10 Cam Newton threw a 40 yard TD while the Panthers were up 28 with 8 minutes left to play, so I lost that matchup 120.7-120, and because in week 11 I won my matchup by 0.1, and then a Gronk 1 yard stat correction came in a few days later and we ended up tying. If I had won either of those games I’d have tied for 3rd place and easily had the tiebreaker. Of my 5 losses, I was the second highest scoring team in the league that week for 3 of them. I love fantasy football.
  4. Haven’t gotten a chance to see much of the Saints before today. My goodness Kamara is slippery. It’s like he makes the first guy miss every single time he touches the ball.
  5. Who should I flex this week in standard scoring? Jamaal Williams at Pittsburgh or Demaryius Thomas at Oakland?
  6. Trading Luck for Thielen the day Rodgers got injured was maybe my greatest heist ever. Dude is a legit WR1 every week in standard, somehow even MORE valuable in PPR. Thielen is gonna be on a lot of championship rosters, methinks.
  7. Are we watching the same sport? Minnesota is also 7-2, one of the top defenses in the league, offense clicking. Saying it’s an “easy win” is woefully misinformed, at best. I’m starting Goff this week because I have no other reasonable choice, but I’m expecting something like 215-1-1.
  8. I played Goff, Ingram, and Thielen this week. I did everything right. All I needed was for Cam to put up 34.9 or less on MNF. And what do they do? Throw a 30-yard TD while up 24 in the 4th quarter. I lose 120.7-120. The highest score other than guy who beat me was 89.8.
  9. So... this Mark Ingram guy might be worth a flier, eh?
  10. Basically agree with all of the above. No need for 2 defenses, drop Denver for Darkwa, start Darkwa over Sanders.
  11. Just for this week I’d go Parker in a heartbeat. Season-long it’s a tougher choice between Parker and Davis, but for this week I’d definitely go Parker.
  12. Wow that is tough. I can’t see how you sit any of those 4 guys haha. I guess you kinda have to sit Jones, but I wouldn’t be shocked at all to see him blow up again this week. He and Stafford are firing on all cylinders right now.
  13. If you feel you need the upside I’d go Woods, but Brate is probably your safest option. Personally I’d go Woods.
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