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  1. I know Gordon hasn't played in a regular season game since 2014, but he did play in the 2016 preseason. Yes, I know it's just preseason, but not sure why people only say "he hasn't played in 3 years". He had some nice catches in those preseason games, so it's not like he was completely inactive from 2014-2017.
  2. Hi All, (12 Team, .5 PPR, 1QB, 2RB, 2WR, 1 TE, 1 Flex, K, DST) I want to upgrade my TE. Is Garcon and Carson enough for Gronk? Other teams RBs: Lamar Miller, James White. Their WRs: Pryor, Keenan Allen, and Paul Richardson. They also have Bennett as a back up TE. WHIR! My Team: QB: Rodgers RB: Hunt, D. Martin, Kelley, Carson, Kamara WR: A. Brown, M. Bryant, Garcon, Theilen TE: Engram K: Succop DST: Cardinals
  3. I don't think anyone expects 40+ points a week, only a fool would think that. 20+ is also unrealistic, but from what we seen, we can expect about 100 total yards and a chance for a TD every week. Solid low end RB1, which is what many thought he would be as the lead back in an Andy Reid offense.
  4. Just an outside question from the current topic. With Bryant bulking up 10-15 pounds, is he more likely to get injured now, since his frame is not used to the extra weight? Is he more likely to possibly have knee problems?
  5. The lineups looks good, but why is Hunt out? I would start him
  6. Hi All, (12 Team, .5 PPR, 1QB, 2RB, 2WR, 1 TE, 1 Flex, K, DST) I have both Brown and Bryant on my team, so I would like to trade 1 to diversify my WR crops. I put Brown on the trading block and got an offer of Brown and Kelley for Freeman and A. Cooper. Should I make the trade? WHIR! My Team: QB: Rodgers RB: Hunt, D. Martin, Kelley, Rawls, J. Rodgers WR: A. Brown, M. Bryant, Garcon, Theilen, M. Jones TE: J. Thomas K: DST: Carnials
  7. All of them are ahead of Stanton for NL MVP.
  8. Anyone else? WHIR!! Last day in my league for trades so really need the advice asap. Thanks.
  9. I don't like any of your OF. You can try Smoak and Doolittle for Quintana.
  10. Hicks has an everyday role while players are hurt/DL, but when everyone is healthy will he be the one lose at bats, or would Holiday/Ellsbury/Frazier lose the at bats?
  11. Based off stats alone, he just hits better at the lead off spot, mentally he just has a lead off approach. Cards should really think about getting a power hitter in the future and just leave Carp in the leadoff.
  12. Diamondbacks have 3 days off in the next 7 days. They do not need a 5th starter for at least a couple of weeks. Probably won't need Godley til the very end of June.
  13. With Kiermaier out for 2+ months, can either Rasmus or Souza move to CF? Can either of those two play CF? This would open up Dickerson playing OF everyday and Ramos being everyday DH.
  14. Playing really well since Eaton went down. Did he change his approach or is this just a player with a hot week? Could he move up to the 2nd spot in the order with his speed and WAS move Werth to 7th?
  15. I don't think people are talking about Story being replaced, more like Desmond is gonna be like a super utility player. Like say if Story has a rest day, Desmond can slide into SS for that day, or if Reynolds needs a rest day, Desmond plays first. Desmond is the big free agent acquisition for the Rockies this season, he will definitely play almost everyday.
  16. April is the least descriptive month for stats. You can not measure a players stats in April. http://www.sportsonearth.com/article/175495518/april-mlb-stats-meaning I'd hold onto any struggling player that was "supposed" to put up stats til at least Mid-May if I have the room. If then Bird is still sucking, then time to drop.
  17. He is still a hold, but I think his outlook is not the same as it was weeks ago. 2 weeks ago he was hitting second, and now he probably won't this season again with the way Thames is hitting. His counting stats won't be there, but like you said he is a guy who can steal and hit with power.
  18. With 2 weeks done can we get a list of the known immediate 8th inning guy for holds leagues. I see only a few after these 2 weeks: Bal: Brach Col: Ottavino NYY: Betances/Clippard Mil: Knebel Pit: Riverio/Hudson Phil: Neris All the other teams seem to mix and match when Hold opportunities exist, while the teams I listed, always use these guys to get to the closer in a save situation. Any teams I miss?
  19. Maybe Top 30. I can see Dahl going .270/60/15/60/15 when he comes back. When the Rockies are fully healthy its 5th. Desmond, 6th. Story, 7th. Dahl, 8th. Murphy
  20. You shouldn't be concerned with line up spots this early in the season. It's a LONG season. If Bird shows he can hit, and get on base, he'll move up in the order. An example off the top of my head is Jackie Bradley last year. He started 9th, and ended up hitting 7th. Now if he were on an average team like NYY instead of Boston, he would have easily be hitting in the heart of the line up. There are a ton more examples throughout every season. If you can hit or get on base, MLB teams will move you into the heart of the order (I.E. spots 1-5)
  21. I think 99% of people know Reynolds and Parra are nothing more than "the next man up" right now. Only the same couple of people are freaking out.
  22. The Rockies paid him big money to play 1B. No way does Mark Reynolds block Desmond. Rockies already have a trio of Outfielders: Blackmon, Gonzales, Dahl. They also have Parra as the 4th OF.
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