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  1. Yea kind of a sucky spot having him go on a Thursday when all your other options are on a Sunday/Monday. I'm in the same spot, but for me being in a 1pt PPR league, I think my best chances are to sit Bo and keep my options open between Lesean McCoy if Williams is out of James White. Like I said before though, I would not care one bit to see Big Bo go off on my bench. Would definitely give me more confidence starting him again in the future (if I make it to the playoffs lol).
  2. What scares me is how legit Chicago still is on defense, particularly against the pass. And now facing the 3rd string QB makes that even worse for Detroit. This in effect is gonna hurt Bo because he isn't there on 3rd downs, and Chicago will most likely be stacking the box to stop the run on early downs. Not only that but it limits his chances at goal line attempts if Detroit can barely get into Chicago territory. I do hope Bo shows out in this one though and thoroughly impresses everyone, including coach Patricia. Would love to know he could be a legit RB2 for me down the stretch
  3. You would go with White even if Damien Williams is out and Shady is the starter?
  4. How can you say that? And I'm not a hater. I've started him every week so far this year. But they are going away from him now the past few weeks and Brady can't even hit a ******** check down anymore.
  5. I like Bo but I'm just nervous they fall behind to the Bears, especially if Driskell is out, and he gets game scripted out. I think my best option is probably wait and see if Williams is playing or not, because if he isn't Shady should be a solid start. If he is playing, I will go White I'm thinking. Thanks for the help btw.
  6. 1pt PPR. Need 1. LeSean McCoy vs Oakland James White vs Houston Bo Scarbrough vs Chicago Rashad Penny vs Minnesota
  7. can only get one of these guys. Basically need one until Devonta Freeman comes back. Would you rather have Scarbrough or Jonathan Williams. It is a 1pt PPR league, and Nyheim Hines is out there too, but he seems to untrustworthy at this point.
  8. Houston down 34-0, still trying to run the ball with Hyde while neglecting to get one of the best pass catching RBs in the game involved (Duke). When you thought it couldn't get any more pathetic/ridiculous, Bill O'Brian says "hold my beer".
  9. 1pt ppr league. Need 1 of these guys. Raheem Mostert vs Arizona, Duke Johnson vs Baltimore, or Tarik Cohen vs LA Rams
  10. If you watched the game, the only drive they had success and marched down the field was when they were in hurry up with White out there, and he ended up scoring. They look their absolute best when they go no huddle with Jimmy White out there. Surprised they don't do this way more often.
  11. DJax. I know its his first game back, but he is a huge boost to that offense and Wentz loves him.
  12. 1pt PPR. Who you like better? Parker vs Jets at home or DJax vs CHI at home
  13. Parker vs Jets or Jones vs OAK. It seems like Parker might actually be the safer play considering he gets more targets and isnt nearly boom or bust. What you guys think?
  14. Kenny Stills vs OAK Corey Davis vs TB Marvin Jones vs NYG Robert Woods vs CIN 1pt PPR league. Need two of these guys. Thanks
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