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  1. Invite sent. I'll be on GroupMe if you want to chat or have any questions.
  2. JMees10 responded first, so he got the invite. However, if he doesn't respond, I'll make sure I contact you.
  3. It's a H2H most categories league in its 9th season. The owner being replaced wasn't active last season and didn't respond to the activity poll, so he's being replaced. Here's a link to the settings: https://fantasy.espn.com/baseball/league/settings?leagueId=152324&seasonId=2020 and a link to the team: https://fantasy.espn.com/baseball/team?leagueId=152324&teamId=8 Upon joining, you will need to select 10 keepers. We initially started with 4 keepers and increased the number by one each season until we got to 10. Leave email or PM me if interested. Thanks.
  4. I'm starting a new keeper/dynasty league on ESPN and I'm searching for some committed and knowledgeable owners to join. I've been playing fantasy games for over 15 years, but this if the first money league I've created. Each team will have a 10-player prospect roster, so obviously that's where it will all start - with a prospect draft. In order to get through it as quickly as possible, all members have to join the league's GroupMe chat I've set up. That's the place where all the communication in this league will take place (hate to depend on ESPN's emails). After the prospect draft, we
  5. I'll take Team 12. miki_g_barca@hotmail.com is the email.
  6. Found an owner for the team above, but I still need one more for this team: https://fantasy.espn.com/hockey/team?leagueId=3859&teamId=3. 1st pick in the draft.
  7. Sorry, I made a mistake at the beginning. Looking for one owner, not two (at least for now).
  8. I'm looking for two replacement owners in my free ESPN 16-keeper league. Here's a link to the settings: https://fantasy.espn.com/hockey/league/settings?leagueId=3859 . It's H2H each category. This is the available team: https://fantasy.espn.com/hockey/team?leagueId=3859&teamId=8. The previous owner wasn't too active, so the team needs some work, but there are good pieces to work with. In addition, you would get the 2nd overall pick. Draft is this Saturday, September 28 at 8 pm ET. I would need you to be there if you decide to join. Hit me up with email if interested (here or private me
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