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  1. For all three it's tempting. Overall, I agree with above. You have a sort of Punt Assist Build and you are stack on blocks. Sell high Jokic it's not a bad idea but maybe Tatum + another strong player it's better. Packaging Adams or someone else ?
  2. Just dropped PJ for streaming Plumlee. Should I do it giving up Clarkson instead PJ? Also until Wood comes back I will be thin at big's stats with only Towns, Ayton, Collins, Kanter and Plumlee. ( only 8 team so there are some very deep rosters ) Maybe, for our scoring system it's better this: Zion + Kanter for Collins + Dejounte ? No Lavine but streaming 3s it's easier than DDs and Blocks that Capela provides. Going helping you. Thanks mate
  3. Hi Guys, need big help here. Only 8 team league, H2h , 11 cat, ( DD - TD ) Should I do this trade? Currently 1st place but plagued by injuries ( Wood, Pg, Holiday ) It's a DD league so I don't know if selling Capela is the right move. Team in sig. WHIR as always Thanks
  4. Another vote for Edwards. Minny Covid situation is also worrisome
  5. Only 8 team h2h League 11 cat ( DD-TD) Want to improve my steals and maybe assists without losing rebounds and DD potential. So looking to trade for D.Murray. There are two or three possibilities: 1) Bagley+Shake for Dejounte 2) Bagley + PJ Washington + Shake for Dejounte + Collins Porter Jr is also coming back and Towns is not too far. Full of free agents also since we are only 8. Mostly 3ps specialist. What would you do? Will Collins improve? Thanks guys!
  6. Only 8 team h2h 11 cat ( DD-TD) Team in Sig. Made some more to trade for Zion and Porter Jr. Should I do this? Not so sure to go all in on punting assist or not. Thanks!
  7. Only 8 team h2h League. 11 cat ( DD-TD ) Team in Sig. Hoping Porter and Kat will be back "soon" , should I do it? Thanks guys.
  8. I'll add him only for the upside. Smart, obviously, has a safer floor and he's good. Maybe try to wait a little bit more and see how Lamelo performs. Keep an eye also on Smart's injury
  9. Thank you all guys. Actually I'm trying to do exactly that. Packaging Grant + Nance for a better guy
  10. Yeah. Straight reject or maybe try to counter that. Herro could be in for a sort of breakout year but Julius... no thanks. Thanks also with mine
  11. I would do it. Better fit for your team since you already have a nice group of bigs. As stated above he would give you a nice boost in points 3s and %s Thanks for helping mine. GL!
  12. Only 8 team league with 11 cat ( DD-TD) This is my team: Pg: Lillard - Holiday - Coby White Sg: Shai - Paul George - Lonzo Sf: J. Grant - Keldon J. - Oubre Jr. Pf: Wood - Lord - Nance Jr. C : Ayton - Capela - Holmes IL: Towns, Porter Junior Would you pull the trigger? May be force to add one between Holmes and Nance also. Not a big deal. ( Side note: Mitch Rob on the waiver. Keep Pg and add him? ) But mostly, will Pg cool off or maybe rest down the stretch? I see him on a mission but fearing some rest come playoff time.
  13. I'd pick up Bazley if dropping Rui. Clear path to minutes and more stock upside.
  14. It's a mess. Ingram has just declared active so tough call for Dobbins with the committee. It's down to Mattison or the man who carry me here, Wilson. Seahawks D has improved.. Mattison has been really bad these last matches. What to do? Thanks guys. Very appreciate
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