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  1. Someone dropped him in my 12 team 9 cat league. I'm tempted to pick him up. Seems like he's had an uptick in minutes and overall production across stat line. Any reason I should hold off and leave him the wire?
  2. He's got the INJ tag. Slide him into your ILs!
  3. Outcome of tonight's game will determine if I hold or drop. He's been on a terrible slump as of late.
  4. I'm pretty disappointed with this guy recently, especially since he's been in the starting rotation. With the amount of court time he's seen he should be producing a lot more. I'm going to hold in hopes he pulls it together tomorrow night. If not he's going to the WW
  5. Ouch didn't watch the game last night but what happened? Looks like he lost a lot of minutes
  6. I'm holding on for one more game, then will decide if I drop or not.
  7. I ended up grabbing Precious and dropped Cole Anthony for him
  8. Both Kelly Olynyk and Precious Achiuwa are on waivers in my 12-team 9-cat league. I like the upside of both, but I'm hard pressed on who to pick ROS. And would you drop Cole Anthony or Cameron Johnson for them? Thanks!
  9. I'm firing up as my rb2 in a PPR League! Let's goooo
  10. I'm aiming to scoop him up off waivers tonight in a 10 team league. Might flex him
  11. Dropped him this morning. Not sustainable and is injury prone. Gone are the days of Crowder 2017-2019 PPR performances
  12. Agreed, this is super frustrating. I just want to toss him on IR to pickup a weekly plug-in and can't even do that ...
  13. For the playoff push I'm forced to drop Gio in a 12 team standard league. I picked him up during his Week 9 bye in hopes that he would be a fringe RB1 while Mixon was out, especially with those 2 nice performances the weeks before, but unfortunately it didn't work out! Maybe in PPR if he was getting some dump offs but he's not even getting that... Peace ✌️
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